Generation Annihilation Playlist November 26th 2016.

Posted: December 1st, 2016

Cocksparrer – Runnin’ Riot Across The USA LP Riot Squad (TKO) Cocksparrer – Back Home CD What’s It Like To Be Old? (Captian Oi!) The Damned – Machine Gun Etiquette CD Noise Noise Noise (Chiswick) The Bureaucrats – S/T 7″ Grown Up Age (Ugly Pop) Chelsea – Evacuate LP Running Free (IRS) The Gagged – [...]

Generation Annihilation Playlist December 19th 2016.

Posted: November 24th, 2016

Bottle Punk “S/T” – Donald Trump/Dolphin Brujeria – Fuck You Puto 7″ Viva Presidente Trump! (Nuclear Blast) Glad Rags – Smile LP Bullshithead LiĆ© – Truth Or Consequences 7″ Truth Or Consequences Alien Boys – Self Critical Theory CS Self Critical Theory Ten Days Late – Go With The Flow 7″ – Getaway (Klark) Scraper [...]

Generation Annihilation Playlist December 19th 2016.

Posted: November 24th, 2016

Liquids – I Killed Donald Trump Agent Orange – Living In Darkness LP Too Young To Die (Posh Boy) Night Birds – Mutiny At Muscle Beach LP Mutiny At Muscle Beach (Fat) The Tubuloids – This Wave Sucks 7″ This Wave Sucks (Crapital) OFF! – Wasted Years LP Hypnotized (Vice) S.L.I.P – Slippy When Wet [...]

Generation Annihilation Playlist November 4th 2016.

Posted: November 12th, 2016

DOA – Fucked Up Donald 7″ Fucked Up Donald (Sudden Death) MDC – No Trump No KKK No Fascist USA Napalm Death – Nazi Trumps Fuck Off Suede Razors – Berlin Or Bust 7″ Berlin Or Bust (Longshot) PMS 84 – S/T 7″ The End No Heart “S/T” – Snake In The Grass Angelic Upstarts [...]

Generation Annihilation Playlist October 1st 2016.

Posted: October 3rd, 2016

No Means No -Sex Mad LP Dad (Psyche) No Means No – The Day Everything Became Nothing 12″ The Day Everything Became Nothing (Alternative Tentacles) G.LO.S.S. – Trans Day Of Revenge 7″ Give Violence A Chance (Total Negativety) Alien Boys – Self-Critical Theory CS Anthem Exit Order “S/T” – Order Potential Threat – Demand And [...]

Generation Annihilation Playlist September 17th 2016.

Posted: September 20th, 2016

Dead End Cruisers – Friday Nights 7″ Friday Nights (TKO) SC Volunteers – S/T 7″ Salute/Thursday’s (TKO) Speedball Racer – Ameritrash 7″ Rocket2Uranus (Blonde Mafia) The Stitches -Automatic 7″ Electroshock Carol (TKO) The Spy’s – Windsor 7″ Machine (Ugly Pop) The Statics – Original 1980 Punk Rock 7″ Mr. Bill (Ugly Pop) Forbidden Beat – [...]

Generation Annihilation Playlist September 10th 2016.

Posted: September 15th, 2016

Sub Hum Ans – Worlds Apart LP Apathy (Bluurg) Sub Hum Ans – The Day The Country Died LP Killing (Bluurg) Kicker – Rendered Obsolete LP You Cant Take Me Anywhere (Tank Crimes) Kicker – Not Yet LP Broke Raukous “Apparitions” – Mental Constraints (Nothing But A Nightmare) Amebix – No Sanctuary LP Moscow Madness [...]

Generation Annihilation Playlist September 3rd 2016.

Posted: September 15th, 2016

Jerks – Jerk Off! LP We Hate You (Overground) The Undertones – Wednesday Week 7″ I Told You So (Sire) Bishops Green – Do Anything You Wanna Do 7″ Do Anything You Wanna Do (Longshot) Bishops Green – Back To Our Roots 7″ Trouble (Longshot) Alternate Action – The Complete Discography LP Thin Line (Longshot) [...]

Generation Annihilation Playlist July 30th 2016.

Posted: August 4th, 2016

Newtown Neurotics – Beggars Can Be Choosers LP Does Anyone Nowhere The March Is (Razor) Sub Hum Ans – From The Cradle To The Grave LP Adversity (Bluurg) Caustic Christ – Lycanthropy LP Doesn’t Anyone Want To Impress Jodie Foster Anymore? (Havoc) The Crucifucks – S/T LP Hinckley Had A Vision (Alternative Tentacles) GBH – [...]

Generation Annihilation Playlist July 23rd 2016.

Posted: August 1st, 2016

Snuky Tate – Who Cares? 7″ Can You Dance To It (Blammo) The Problematics – Romantic Sessions 7″ Teenage Heart Attack Newtown Neurotics – Beggars Can Be Choosers LP Life In Their Hands (Razor) Straight Jacket – Modern Thieves CD A New Tunnel (TKO) The Jerks – Jerk Off LP Join The Navy (Overground) Night [...]