Generation Annihilation Playlist January 30th 2016.

Posted: February 4th, 2016

Discharge – Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing LP – Meanwhile (Clay) Broken Bones – A Single Decade LP Problem (Havoc) The Restarts – Actively Seeking Work CD State Rape (No Label) Short Bus Window Lickers – ST Vicky CD Fuck Nose Maniac Disorder – Digging In Water LP Over Production (Manic Ears) Chaos UK [...]

Generation Annihilation Playlist January 23rd 2015.

Posted: January 28th, 2016

Career Suicide – S/T 12″ Punitive Damages (Ugly Pop) Inepsy – S/T LP Whos Next? (Feral Ward) The Clitboys – We Don’t Play The Game 7″ Gay’s Okay (Beer City) Subtractions – Its Exposed 7″ Still 16 (Hozak) Fatal Rage – S/T LP Kick That Fucker (Screaming Mutha) Stretch Marks – Who’s In Charge 7″ [...]

Generation Annihilation Playlist January 16th 2015.

Posted: January 19th, 2016

Motörhead ·Bad Magic LP Victory Or Die (UDR) The Subhumans · Death To The Sickoids 7″ Death To The Sickoids Killing Joke · Pylon CD Euphoria (Spinefarm) Buzzcocks · The Way LP Out Of The Blue (1-2-3-4-Go!) DOA · Hard Rain Falling LP Not Gonna Take Your Crap No More Poison Idea · Confuse & [...]

Generation Annihilation Playlist January 9th 2016.

Posted: January 18th, 2016

Sex Face · Village Life 7″ Village Life Last Crusade · S/T 12″ One Of US Crown Court – Ruck N Roll 7″ Stretch Crown Court – Ruck N Roll 7″ Stretch Rixe – Coups & Blessures 7″ Coups & Bleasures Butcher Baby · S/T CD Another Monday Come Down Eliminator – S/T CS Backlash [...]

Generation Annihilation Playlist January 2nd 2016.

Posted: January 6th, 2016

Motörhead – No Sleep Til Hammersmith LP Ace Of Spades (Bronze) Hawkwind – Warrior On The Edge Of Time LP Motörhead (United) Motörhead – On Parole LP Lost Johnny (United Artist) Motörhead – S/T LP White Light Fever (Chiswick) Motordamn – S/T 7″ Over The Top (Devil’s Jukebox) Motörhead – Overkill LP I Won’t Pay [...]

Generation Annihilation Playlist December 12th 2015.

Posted: December 17th, 2015

Angry Snowmans – What We Do Is Festive LP Intro (Stiff Hombre) Angry Snowmans – What We Do Is Festive LP Horror Christmas (Stiff Hombre) Angry Snowmans – What Makes An Elf Build Toys EP Naughty Children Suck Angry Snowmans – What Makes An Elf Build Toys EP Christmas Spirits Dyin’ The Underdogs – The [...]

Generation Annihilation Playlist December 5th 2015.

Posted: December 10th, 2015

Angry Snowmans -S/T CD Ebeneneezer Uber Allles (Absolute) Night Birds -Mutiny At Muscle Beach LP I’m Wired (Fat) Tubuloids – An International Skaterock Comp LP Back To Society (Beer City) Smogtown – Domestic Violence Land CD Sneaking Out (Disaster) Bronxxx – An International Skaterock Split LP BMC (Beer City) The Underdogs –The Punk Demos Collection [...]

Generation Annihilation Playlist November 28th 2015.

Posted: December 3rd, 2015

Naked Aggression – Start A Riot LP Out Of Control (Clean Plate) SNFU – Better Than A Stick In The Eye LP Thee Maul That Heats Peephole (BYO) The Defects – 1979-1984 LP Guilty Conscience (Anti-Society) Actives – Kick It Down LP Warzone (Puke And Vomit) Dogsflesh – Bloody Road To Death CD Fast Living [...]

Generation Annihilation Playlist December 21st 2015.

Posted: November 24th, 2015

Citizen Fish – Millennia Madness LP Refugees (Bluurg) UK Subs – Universal CD Don’t Blame Islam (Captain Oi!) Forgotten Rebels – In Love With The System LP Bomb The Boats Feed The Fish (Star) Antidote – Thou Shall Not Kill 12″ Foreign Job Lot (Antidote) SOD – Speak English Or Die LP Fuck The Middle [...]

Generation Annihilation Playlist November 14th 2015.

Posted: November 19th, 2015

Motörhead – Ace Of Spades LP Jailbait (Bronze) Motörhead – No Sleep Til Hammersmith LP The Hammer (Bronze) Bishops Green – S/T 12″ Senseless Crime (Rebellion Rixe Coups And Bleasures 7″ Coups And Bleasures (La Vida Discos En Mus) Litovsk – Split w/Syndrome 81 Desert Obain (Backwash) Syndrome 81 -Split w/Litovsk Brest (Backwash) UK Subs [...]