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Generation Annihilation Playlist September 10th 2011.

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Bradys Problem – S/T CD, VPD (Crasty Ass)
Bradys Problem – S/T CD Gordo’s Got To Go (Crasty Ass)

Riistetyt – 4 Bastardos CD, Revi Persees (Usinda De Sangue)
Avskum – In the Spirit of Mass Destruction CD, Bullshit Defenders (Prank)
Rattus – S/T LP, Why do You Want to Fight? (Rat Cage)
Global Threat – Until We Die CD, When the Falls Come Crashing Down (Punk Core)
Subhumans – Pissed off… With Good Reason CD, Look at the Dawn (Essential Noise)

Subhumans – Pissed off… With Good Reason CD, Fuck You (Essential Noise)
Unseen – The Anger and the Truth CD, Never Forget (BYO)
Blitzkrieg – split with Paradox UK CD, Lest We Forget/Why Die (Step 1)
Broken Bones – Decapitated LP, Terrorist Attack (Fallout)
UK Subs, Quintessentials, War on the Pentagon Pt 1 & 2 (New Red Archives)
Fearless Iranians From Hell – Die For Allah, Die For Allah (Boner)

Bradys Problem – S/T CD, Warm Beer (Crasty Ass)
Kohu 63 – Greatest Shits CD, Idiotti (Kraklund)
Lama – S/T CD, Travastia (Combat Rock Industry)
Appendix – Parock CD, Historia!
Viimeinen Kolonna – Irvikuva CD, Irvikuva (Hardcore Holocaust)

Dead Boys – Younger Louder and Snottier CD, All This and More (Bomp!)
Adolescents – Brats in Battalions CD, Skate Babylon (Triple X)
Vivisick – Split W/Mukeka Di Rato CD, Non-Apa (Sound Pollution)
Aaritila, … Ja Kaikki Kuitenkin CD, Ezin (Hardcore Holocaust)

Articles of Faith – American Hardcore CD, Bad Attitude (Rhino)