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Generation Annihilation Playlist January 28th 2012.

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Smogtown – Incest And Pestilence LP Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (Modern Action)

Blisterin Barnicle – Rock N Roll Avenue CD Undead (Self Released)
Smogtown – Incest And Pestilence LP Community Disservice (Modern Method)
Face The Rail – Noise Ordinance LP Wearing Thin (MRR)
Plaid Retna – Oink Eye LP Insecurities Arise (Lookout)
The Supplement – S/T CD Things We Do (Self Released)

Vision Of Change – S/T CD Vision Of Change (Boss Tuneage)
HDQ – We’re HDQ And You Suck! CD Falling (Boss Tuneage)
The Stupids – Retard Picnic LP The Memory Burns (Manic Ears)
The Instigators – Shockgun LP Tricked And Abused (Flipside)
The Depraved – S/T CD Lets Grow Some Flowers Together (Boss Tuneage)

NN – Noise Ordinance LP Es Anarquista (MRR)
Mundo Muerto – Entre El Chaos LP Ni Diops Ni Patria (Charged//Distorted)
UX Vileheads – HC XI 12” Television (Adult Crash)
Fix My Head – Noise Ordinance LP Quit Life (MRR)
Knife Fight – Isolated 7”, Wargames (Painkiller)
Acefalix – Noise Ordinance LP Scar Tissue (MRR)

The Authorities – Kung Pao Au Go-Go CD Battle Hymn (Get Hip)
The Estranged – Subliminal Man LP The Wicker Man (New Dark Age)
School Jerks – Demo Or EP CD Stand Right Walk Left (Self Released)

The Chargers – Drinkin’ Druggin’ Whorin’ CD Never Gonna Stop (Self Released)

Generation Annihilation Playlist January 21st 2012.

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Queers – Love Songs For The Retarded LP Fuck The World (Recess)

Disclose – Tragedy LP Conquest (Your Own Jailer)
Disable – Split w/War Victims 7″ In The Name Of Humanity (Charged//Distorted)
Man Afraid – Uphill Struggle 7″ Cemetary Ridge (Half Mast)
Bastards – Maailma Palaa Ja Kuolee 7″ Maailma Palaa (Honie)
Funeral – Cry Of Desperation 7″ Common Enemies (Self Release)
Midnight – Satanic Royalty LP Holocaust Deafening (Hells Headbanger)

Dischange – Seeing Feeling Bleeding LP After War Scars (Nuclear Blast)
Totalitar – Sin Egen Motstandare LP Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Stockholm (PRANK)
Makaber Fynd split w/Glom Da! LP Kaften (Sorry State)
Desperat – Suicide Attack 7″ Children Should Play (World Funeral)
Inferno – S/T CD Strida For Vada? (Distort The World)
Kvoteringen- Storfinansen 7″ Storfinansen (D-takt And Raw Punk)

Bi Marks – The Golden Years LP I Quit (Mata La Musica Discos)
Autistic Youth – Idle Minds LP Deadbeat (Black Water)
Bellicose Minds – S/T 7″ Tension Building (A Whisper In Darkness)
Forced Laugh- S/T 7″ Michael Caine Codx (Self Released)
Mass Hysteri – S/T LP Satans Barn (Feral Ward)

Eskorbuto – S/T 7″ Maldito Pais Criaturas Al Poder (Munster)
Bannlyst – S/T LP Terrorstyre (Norwegian Leather)
Haggatha – /T 7″ 55 Year Old Fucking Liar (Chocking Hazard)
Brainoil – Death Of This Dry Season LP The beauty Of Death (20 Buck Spin)

Generation Annihilation Playlist January 14th 2012.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Svart Framtid – 1984 7” Religos Terror (Voltage)
No Problem – And Now This LP Enemies (Deranged)
Discharge – Why? 12” Ain’t No Feeble Bastard (Havoc)
Mania – S/T CS Air Raid (Self Released)

Deathcharge – Love Was Born To An Early Death LP (A Whisper In Darkness)
Generacion Suicida – S/T CS Parasitas (Demo)
Bastard – Controlled In The Frame 7” Tragic Insane (540)
The Sexual – Split W/Anti-Septic LP Crime Of Sexual (Bootleg)
Inferno – S/T CS Strida For Vada? (Self Released)
Mundo Muerto – Entre El Kaos 12” Krucifikados (Charged//Distorted)

Infect Propaganda – And Now You Die CS Strike With Sudden Fear (Crasty Ass)
Kvoteringen – Storfinansen 7” Forintelsemaskineriet (D-Tact And Raw Punk)
Merdoso – S/T 7” In Silence (Prank)
Cervix – Va/ Kotaro 7” Sacrificial Life/Vapid Rats (No Anarquia Rebelede Musica Discos)
Nomad – Va/ Kotaro 7” (No Anarquia Rebelede Musica Discos)
Kromosom, split w/ Isterismo 7” Fallout (Hardcore Survives)
Doom – S/T 7” Financial Coup (Black Cloud)

Perdition – S/T 7” Violent Peace (Toxic State)
Napalm Raid – Trail Of The World 7” To Serve And Arrest (Rust And Machine)
Rapid Loss – A Dark Place 7” Kill Yourself (Self Released)
Geister – Nostalgia 7” Nostalgia (Self Released)

Nerveskade – Split W/Perdition 7” System Hell (Distort Reality)
D-clone – Split W/Nerveskade 7” Mental Disorder (Hardcore Survives)

Inservibles – S/T LP Lodazales De Miseria (La Vida Es Un Mus)

Generation Annihilation Playlist January 7th 2012.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Amebix – Sonic Mass CD, Sonic Mass Part 1 (Easy Action)
Amebix – Sonic Mass CD, Sonic Mass Part 2 (Easy Action)

UK Subs – Work In Progress CD, Eighteen Wheels (Captain Oi!)
Broken Bones – Fuck You And All You Stand For LP, House Of Frauds (Rodent Popsicle)
Chaos UK – S/T LP, Fashion Change (PHR)
Kicker – Innit 7”, Wrong Things (Tank Crimes)
Anti-Sect – 2 4 1986 LP, In Darkness (Anti-Society)

Crude SS – Who’ll Survive 7”, You Cant Deny It (Voltage)
Svart Framtid – 1984 7”, Disiplin (Voltage)
UK Vileheads – HC XI 12”, My Path (Adult Crash)
Gasmask Terror – The Cult 12” (I Feel Good)
Smart Cops – Per Proteggere 12”, Vesiche (Sorry State)
Mundo Muerto – Entre El Kaos LP, Desotente Antisocial (Charged//Distorted)

Nervebreakers – We Want Everything LP, The Good The Bad And The Ugly (Get Hip)
Fear – 1978 Demo LP, I Love Living In The City (Bootleg)
Government Issue – S/T LP, Visons/They Know (Dr. Strange)
Dead Kennedys – 1978 Demo LP, Keypone Kids (Bootleg)
Void – Dischord Sessions LP, Dehumanized (Dischord)
Young Republicans – Young Republicans 7”, Respect Authority (More Than A Witness)
Poison Idea – Darby Crash Rides Again LP, Thorn In My Side (TKO)

Anihilated – Path To Destruction 12”, Innocent Victims (Anihilated)

Generation Annihilation Playlist Decmeber 31st 2011.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Crisis Of Conformity – Fist Fight! 7”, Fist Fight In The Parking Lot (Drag City)

Vacant State – Fill The Void 12”, I Don’t Care (Deranged)
B-Lines – S/T 12”, Sunglasses (Nominal)
Unfun – Sick Outside View LP, Resistance (Fast Crowd)
The Jolts – 8% LP, The Dabbler (Sudden Death)
The Authorities – Kung Pao AU Go Go CD, Bone Your Own (Get Hip)

Infect Propaganda – And Now You Die CD, Strike With Sudden Fear (Crasty Ass)
Unlearn – S/T LP , Automatic Unthinker (Deranged)
Legion DCLXV1 – The Final Days 12”, Delusions (Schizophrenic)
Countdown To Oblivion – Eater Of Worlds LP, Like Animals (Aborted Society)
Disable, Split W/Warvictims 7”, Kamikaze (Charged//Distorted)

No Problem – And Now This 12”, Isn’t This Fun (Deranged)
Madmen – S/T 7”, The Myth (Slasher)
Career Suicide – Cherry Beach 7”, Double Life (Cherry Beach)
Off! – S/T 7”, Rotten Apples (Southern Lord)

Role Models – Suck At Life CD, Frustration (Absolute Underground)
The Mutated Earthlings – S/T CD, Bowling Drunk (Absolute Underground)
Rehashed – Code Black CD, If Its Not Broken (Self Released)
Crystal Mess – Worms Of The Earth LP, Ten Times (Daylight Slayings)
Overpower – Hogtown Skinheads CD, Good Fight (Self Released)

Napalm Raid – Trail Of The World 7”, To Serve And Arrest (Rust And Machine)

Generation Annihilation Playlist December 24th 2011.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Angry Snowmans – What We Do Is Festive CD, Intro/Candy Cane Addition (Self Released)
Angry Snowmans – What We Do Is Festive CD, Fast Reindeer (Self Released)

Infect Propaganda – And Now You Die CD, Con$ume (Crasty Ass)
Doom – S/T 7”, Financial Coup (Black Cloud)
Unlearn – S/T 12” , Compliance (Deranged)

Fear – American Beer CD, Another Christmas Beer (Hall Of Records)
Angry Snowmans – What We Do Is Festive CD, I Love Christmas In The City (Self Released)
Angry Snowmans – What We Do Is Festive CD, Joyeux Again (Self Released)
Peter And The Test Tube Babies – Alien Pubduction CD, I’m getting Pissed For Christmas (TKO)

UK Subs – Sub Mission CD, Hey Santa (Fallout)
Stiff Little Fingers – The Christmas Album LP, White Christmas (Bootleg)
Angry Snowmans – What We Do Is Festive CD, Wasted Elf (Absolute)
The Dickies – The Incredible Shrinking Dickies CD, Silent Night (Captain Oi!)

Angry Snowmans – What We Do Is Festive CD, Decoration (Self Released)
Angry Snowmans – S/T CD, Richard Hung His Song (Absolute)
The Wretched Ones – Less Is More CD, Christmas Song (TKO)
New Bomb Turks – Pissing The Poison CD, Christmas (Crypt)
The Business – The Complete Singles Collection CD, Step In To Christmas (Anagram)

Lemmy – We Wish You A Headbanging X-Mas CD, Run Run Rudolph Run (Armoury)

Generation Annihilation Playlist December 17th 2011.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Black Flag – Damaged LP, Depression (SST)

After The Bombs – Spoils Of War 7”, War (The Total End)
Uncurbed – Peace Love Punk Life LP, Break 0ut (Sound Pollution)
Mundo Muerto – Entre El Kaos LP, Ciegos Al Podor (Charged/Distorted)
The Sexual – split W/Antiseptic LP, Crime Of Sexual (Bootleg)
Unlearn – S/T LP, Automatic Unthinker (Deranged)
Totalitar – Sin Egen Motstandare LP, Vagem To Amda (Prank)

Eyehategod – Take As Needed For Pain LP, Sister Fucker (Bootleg)
Contagium – Archaic 12”, Traced Away/Morbid Intentions (The Total End)
Rose Tattoo – Rock N Roll Outlaw LP, One Of The Boys (Atlantic)
Born Against – split W/Man Is The Bastard 8″, $5 An Hour (Vermiform)

Svart Framtid – 1984 7”, Nar Bomba Kommer (Voltage)
Skitslickers – 7” War System (Bootleg)
Uncurbed – peace love punk life LP, Party Punks (Sound Polution)
Poison Idea – Feel The Darkness LP, Just To Get Away (Farewell)
Zatsuon – Violent Noize Cruster CS, Pain (Demo)

Dinosaur JR – Fossils CS, Freak Scene (SST)
No Problem – And Now This LP, Enemies (Deranged)

Generation Annihilation Playlist December 10th 2011.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

MDC – Millions Of Dead Cops LP, I Hate Work (RRadical)

Kieltolaki – Kuoleva Systeemi 7”, Valta, Menestys Ka Kunnia (Feral Ward)
Viimeneinen Kolonna – Luonnoton Poistuma 7”, Luonnoton Poistuma (Gasmask Records)
Bastards – S/T 7”, Sotaa (Hohnie)
Kakka Hata 77 – Eitaa Lama Paahan Kay 7”, Me Ollaan KK 77 (Combat Rock Industries)
Mania – S/T CS, Air Raid/Radiation Nights (Demo)

The Sexual – Split w/Anti-Septic LP, War Cry (Bootleg)
Gastunk, Dead Song Flexi 7”, Dead Song (Dogma)
Sick Charade – S/T CS, victims (Demo)
Anti-Septic – Split w/ The Sexual LP, Visions Of Power (Bootleg)

The Mob – Let The Tribe Increase LP, Another Day Another Death (Broken Rekids)
Antisect – Out From The Void 7”, Out From The Void (Endangered Music)
Heratys – S/T LP, Verenpunainen Huominen (Not Enough)
The Varukers – Blood Suckers LP, No Masters No Slaves (Get Back)

Tear It Up – Nothing To Nothing LP, Its The End (Dead Alive)
Forward – Burn Down The Corrupted Justice LP, Choice (HG Fact)
Meanwhile – The Show Must Go On 7”, Minutes Of Oppression (Feral Ward)

Slayer – Live Undead CD, Die By The Sword (Metal Blade)

Generation Annihilation Playlist September 11th 2010.

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Fearless Iranians From Hell – S/T 7”, Blow Up The Embassy (Boner)
Defiance – Out Of The Ashes LP, Terrorist Attack (Punkcore)

Final Conflict – S/T 7”, In The Family (Havoc)
Willfull Neglect – Both 12”’s On One LP, Abort The Mission (Havoc)
Offenders – Endless Struggle LP, You Got Right (Rabid Cat)
Offenders – Endless Struggle LP, Face Down (Rabid Cat)
CIA – God Guns Guts LP, Death (More Than A Witness)

DOA – Talk Minus Action Equals Zero CD, Rebel Kind (Sudden Death)
Real Problems – Scum City Girls CD, Its Over Baby (Self Released)
White Lung – S/T CD, Atlanta (Deranged)
Damages – S/T 7”, Saving Face (React!)

Spectres – Last Days LP, Stasi (A Whisper In Darkness)
Crisis – Hymns Of Faith LP, Laughin’(La Vida Es Un Mus)
Amebix – Redux LP, Chain Reaction (Profane Existence)

Deviated Instinct – Hiatus LP, Scarecrow (Peaceville)
Hellshock – They Wait For You Still LP, Dead Lights (Black Water)
Contagium – Archaic LP, Traced (The Total End)

Generation Annihilation Playlist April 9th 2011.

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Eddie And The Hot Rods, Teenage Depression CD, Get Across To You (Captain Oi!)

The Mutated Earthlings – ST CD, Skateboarding Blind (Absolute Underground)
DOA – Murder LP, Afrikana security (Restless)
Dayglo Abortions – Feed Us A Fetus LP, Arg Fuck Kill (Fringe)
Circle The Wagons – Forbidden To Eat Worms CD, Robot Impurity (Black Bananna)
Off! – First Four EPs CD, Upside Down (Vice)
No Problem – Your Eyes 7”, Gimmie Reasons (Handsome Dan)

Disable – Split W/Warviktims 7”, In The Name Of Humanity (Charged//Distorted)
Raw War – Population Control 7”, Population Control (Self Released)
Warvictims – Split W/Disable 7”, Take Control (Charged//Distorted)
Napalm Raid – Corruption LP, Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (Rust And Machine)
Desperate Hours – The Ironies Of Life Continue 7”, The Ironies Of Life Continue (Konton Crestler)

Bellocose Minds – S/T 7” (A Whisper In Darkness)
The Estranged – The Subliminal Set LP, Lunacy (New Dark Age)
Chin Chin – Sound Of The Westway LP, Why Am I So Lonely (Mississippi)
No Hope For The Kids – S/T LP, No Hope For The Kids (Kick N Punch)

Mundo Murto – Queasko! LP, Esperando (Self Released)
Eskoburto – Anti Todo LP, Anti Todo (B-Core)
Nerveskade – S/T LP (Black Water)
The Restarts – Slumworld CD, Big Rock Candy Mounatin (Active)