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Generation Annihilation Playlist May 26th 2012.

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Crazy Spirit – I’m Dead 7″ I’m Dead

Tragedy – Darker Days Ahead LP Power Fades
Born Dead Icons – Salvation On Its Knees LP The Great Western mistake
From Ashes Rise – Nightmares LP Reaction

White Lung – Sorry LP Glue
Terrible Feelings – Shadows LP Intruders
Arctic Flowers – Reveries 12″ Fall To Pieces

Kozsmar – Demo CS I Na Co?
Vacant State – Fill The Void 12″ I Don’t Care
No Problem – And Now This 12″ The Cure,
Old City – Demo CD Doom Sign
Freedom Club – Demo CS Stranger
Napalm Raid – Trail Of The World 7″ Free Yourself

Heratys – Helvettiin Ja Takaisin 7″ Tama Todellisuus
Effluxus – Demo CS Intro/Swan song
The Mob – Let The Tribe Increase LP Another Day Another Death

Oi Polloi – Alive And Kicking CD Nuclear Waste

Generation Annihilation Playlist May 19th 2012.

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Beastie Boys – Pollywog Stew LP Beastie Boys (Ratcage)
The Offenders – We Must Rebel LP Lost Causes (Reflex!)

White Lung – Sorry CD Take The Mirror
The Jolts – 8% LP Infinity Love (Sudden Death)
Liquor Kings – 100 Proof Rock N Roll CD Give The Devil His Cue (Self Released)
Childs Play – Righteous Rampage CD Crashing Down (Self Released)

The Dwarves – Are Born Again LP Lets Get High And Fuck Some Sluts (Greedy)
The Dwarves – Blood Guts And Pussy LP Fuck You Up And Get High (Sub Pop)
The Dwarves – Are Young And Good Looking LP I will Deny (Epitaph)
The Dwarves – Are Born Again LP You’ll Never Takes Us Alive (Greedy)

OFF! – S/T CD Jet Black Girl (Vice)
Smogtown – Incest And Pestilence LP, Subdivision End Product (Modern Action)
Complaints – No Action 7″ No Action (Modern Action)
No Mind – Tales Ordinary Madness LP Well Checking The Obituaries (Lone Wolf)

M.A.D. – S/T CD I Don’t Need (Demo)
The Effigies – Remains Non Viewable CD Body Bag (Touch And Go)
Bad Advise – Do Not Resuscitate 7″ Anger Problem (Grave Mistake)
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. – Make It Through The Night LP No Hope Is Lost (Downtown Sounds)

Oi Polloi – Split W/ATU 7″ Feoldair Craicite (Profane Existence)

Generation Annihilation Playlist May 12th 2012.

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Tragedy – Split w/ Totalitar 7″ No End In Sight

Mass Grave – Survival Of The Richest 7″ No Remorse/War on The Poor
Gloom – S/T LP Anti Straight Edge
Kromosom – 8 Tracks LP Hysteria
Warcry – Maniacs On Pedestals LP No Escape
Wolfpack – A New Dawn Fades LP Soul On Fire
Meanwhile – Same Shit New Millennium LP 12

Gorilla Biscuits – Start Today LP Time Flies
Terokal – Split w/Armagedom 7″ Usa Tu Voz
Vaaska Ruido Hasta La Muerte LP Libertad/Resurreccion
Bent Cross – Solid Cloud 7″, Tru
Organized Sports – Im So proud of Him LP, So

Discharge – Why? 12″ Mania For Conquest
Disfear – Live The Storm LP Testament
Venom – Black Metal LP Bloodlust
Eskorbuto – Anti Todo LP De Ti Depende
GBH – City Baby Attacked By Rats LP Big Women

Wipers – Youth Of America LP No Fair
Adverts – Bored Teenagers
Rancid – Lets Go LP Radio
Dead Kennedys – In God We Trust Inc 12″ Religious Vomit

Sacrilege – Behind The Realms Of Madness LP A Violation Of Something Sacred

Generation Annihilation Playlist April 28th 2012

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

DOA – Punk Rock Singles CD Disco Sucks (Sudden Death)
DOA – Punk Rock Singles CD The Prisoner (Sudden Death)

Posion Idea – Darby Crash Rides Again LP Give It Up (TKO)
Poison Idea – Darby Crash Rides Again LP Give It Up (TKO)
Posion Idea – Darby Crash Rides Again LP Legalize Freedom (TKO)
Posion Idea, Darby Crash LP Town Hall (TKO)
Final Warning – S/T 7″ The Bunker (Black Water)
The Accused – Split W/Rejectors LP Gain Green (Self Released)
Rejectors – Split w/The Accused LP Anti Patriot (Self Released)

Strike Under – Busted At OZ LP Fucking Uniforms (Permanent)
Subverts – Busted At OZ LP March Forth (Permanent)
Effegies – Busted At OZ LP Quota (Permanent)
DA – Busted At OZ LP Fish Shit (Permanent)
Silver Abuse – Busted At OZ LP Anti-Hot Dog (Permanent)

Profits Of Crime S/T 7″ Religion Kills (Self Released)
Violent Future – S/T CD Goon Life (Demo)
Hazardous Waste – Destroy 7″ Skate Block (Schizophrenic)
Rabid Loss – A Dark Place 7″ A Dark Place (Self Released)
Government Warning – No Moderation 12″ Self Medication (Feral Ward)

No Problem – S/T LP Paranoid Times (Deranged)
Vacant State – Fill The Void 12″ Rhetoric (Deranged)
Anti-Social Club – S/T LP Oil City Exodus (Handsome Dan)

Blisterin’ Barnacles – Rock N Roll Avenue CD Baby Shaker (Self Released)