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Generation Annihilation Playlist March 23rd 2013.

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Greenback High – Bombs Away 7″ All Of Us Or None
The Spectres – Nothing To Nowhere LP Decomposition (Deranged)

UK Subs – XXIV CD Coalition Government Blues (Captain Oi!)
Chelsea – The Singles CD Last Drink (Captain Oi!)
The Depraved – Split With Visions Of Change CD Reject That Mentality (Boss Tuneage)
Citizen Fish – Dancing On Spikes CD Unemplode (Bluurg)

Sub Hum Ans – From The Cradle To The Grave LP From The Cradle To The Grave (Bluurg)
Sub Hum Ans – From The Cradle To The Grave LP Waste Of Breath (Bluurg)
Culture Shock – Antisociety CD 10% Off (Overground)
Nic Toczek – Antisociety CD Road Crash (Overground)

Pocket Caligula – Doomed CD Electric Meat
Systematik – S/T 12″ Expire (Deranged)

Generation Annihilation Playlist March 16th 2013.

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

03 16 2013

Christdriver – Everything Burns LP Mediate

Bolt Thrower – …For Victory CD When Glory Beck
Doom – Fuck Peaceville LP Sold Out
Rapid Loss
Mauser – End Of The Line 7″ End Of The Line
Systematik – S/T 7″ Self Destruct

Mundo Muerto – Entre El Kaos LP Hysteria
Folkeiis – Hell Chaos Night 7″ Hell Chaos Night
D-clone – Creation And Destroy LP M.K.F.P.
The Stalin – Stop Jap LP Stop Jap

Disclose – Tragedy LP Fear Of The War
Lip cream – Kill The IBM LP Top Fight
Framtid – From The Ashes LP Consuming Shit And Mind Pollution
Absolut – S/T CS No Single Tear
Needles – Desesperacion 7″ Ugly World,

Fracaso – Disco De 6 Temas Hardcore 7″ Heroes,
EDR – Epoca De Recluta 7″ Bajo Suelo
Sudor – Split w/ Crimen De Estado, No Te Escucho, No Te Miro
Generacion Suicida – S/T 7″ Mil Amores

Diat – S/T LP Pick A Line

Generation Annihilation Playlist March 9th 2013.

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

UK Subs – XXIV CD Implosion 77 (Captain Oi!)

Final Warning – S/T 7″ Rain Of Death
Trauma – S/T, Barrier (Demo)
Warcry – Deprogram LP Dirty Power Games (Feral Ward)
Hellshock – Singles CD Lifestyles (HG Fact)
Deathcharge – Love Was Born To An Early Death LP
The Wipers – Over The Edge LP Over The Edge (Brain Eater)

Old Man Strength – Crowbar Hotel, Woke Up Swinging
Car 87 – Trapped 7″ Paranoia
Black Flag – My War LP Forever Time (SST)
Bl’ast – The Power Of Expression CD Time Waits For No One (SST)
Rebuild/Repair – S/T Relics

Argy Bargy – Hopes Dreams Lies & Schemes CD Out With The Old (Randale)
Control – Punk Rock Ruined My Life LP Wake Up Screaming (Longshot)
Booze And Glory – Oi This Is Street Punk 11″ Until The End (Pirates Press)

Scream – Still Screaming CD They Came Without A Warning (Dischord)

Witches Hammer – Dead Forever CD Mortalis/Alien Jesus
Active Glands – Live At Kennedy Hall 1987, Asshole

Generation Annihilation Playlist March 2nd 2013.

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Playlist and Podcast 03 09 2013

DOA – Disco Sucks 7″ Nazi Training Camp (Sudden Death)
DOA – Northern Avenger CD Devils Speedway (Sudden Death)

UK Subs – AKOB CD I Couldn’t Be You (Captain Oi!)
UK Subs – XXIV CD Coalition Government Blues (Captain Oi!)

Cocksparrer – Shock Troops CD Take Em All (Captain Oi!)
Cocksparrer – Here We Stand CD Did You Have A Nice Life Without Me (Captain Oi!)

Discharge – Realities Of War CD Realities Of War (Captain Oi!)
Discharge – S/T CD Accessories By Molotov (Sanctuary)

Broken Bones – Crucifix 7 ” Crucifix (Fallout)
Broken Bones – Fuck You And All You Stand For LP Death By Demand (Rodent Popsicle)

Poison Idea – Pick Your King CD This Thing Called Progress (Tang)
Poison Idea – Latest Will And Testament LP Jihad Love (Farewell)

The Subhumans – Death Was Too Kind LP Death To The Sickoids (Alternative Tentacles)
The Subhumans, Same Thoughts, Big Picture (Alternative Tentacles)

Urban Waste, S/T, Police Brutality (Police Brutality)
Urban Waste – Recycled LP Boogieman (Rebel Sound)

Doom – Doomed From The Start LP Relief (Vinyl Japan)
Doom – S/T 12″ Financial Coup (Black Cloud)