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Generation Annihilation Playlist 25th 2013.

Friday, May 31st, 2013

UK Subs – Warhead 7″ The Harper (Nems)
UK Subs – Stranglehold 7″ Rockers (Nems)

Dead Boys – We’ve Come For Your Children LP Third Generation Nation (Sire)
Iggy Pop – New Values LP 5 Foot 1 (Arista)
The Saints, Eternally Yours LP Memories Are Made Of This (4 Men With Beards)
Buzzcocks – Another Music LP You tear Me Up (Vinylisssm)

Greenback High – Bombs Away 7″ Bombs Away
The Bureaucrats, Feel The Pain, feel the pain (Up)
Shanghai Dog – This Evolution LP American Desert (Undergrowth)
Pocket Caligula – Doomed CD Save, Send, Drink

Argy Bargy – Hopes Dreams Lies And Schemes CD Burning Skies (Randale)
Last Resort – This Is My England CD You’ll Never Get A Job (Randale)
The Business -Oi! Oi! That’s Your Lot LP Real Enemy (Get Back)
UK Subs – XXIV CD Black Power Salute (Captain Oi!)

Jawbreaker – Bivouac LP Donatello (Blackball)
Jawbreaker – Chesterfield King 12″ Tour Song (Blackball)
Unfun – Pain Prescription 7″ No Roses (Lost Cat)

School Jerks – S/T 12″ Ugly Minds (Grave Mistake)

Generation Annihilation Playlist May 18th 2013.

Monday, May 20th, 2013

05 18 2013

UK Subs XXIV CD Coalition Government Blues (Captain Oi!)

Discharge – State Violence 7″ Doomsday (Havoc)
Doom – Corrupt Fucking System CD Stripped Whipped And Crucified (Black Cloud)
The Restarts – A Sickness On Mind CD Drone Attack (No Label)
The Mad Are Sane – Reality CS Dying Church (Demo)

The Spectres – Nothing To Nowhere LP Passages (Deranged)
Killing Joke – Extremities CD The Beautiful Dead (Noise)
Cross Stitched Eyes – Decomposition LP Animated Corpse (Alternative Tentacles)

No Problem – Your Eyes 7″ Something Out Of Nothing (Handsome Dan)
Vacant State – State Of Confusion 7″ Give Up
Night Prowler – Psychopath CS Mindless Talk (Beside)
Kremlin – Drunk With The Gulag 12″ Buried (Hardware)
Rapid Loss – S/T 12″ The Dawn
Condition – S/T 7″ Smoldering Wreckage (Rust And Machine)

Sickoids – No Home 12″ Occupy Your Tim (Hardware)
Systematik – S/T 12″ Silent Scream (Deranged)
Pissheads – Kill Hippy System 7″ Kill Hippy System (Rust And Machine)
Toe Tag – Split w/Potbelly 7″ Mad System (Potbelly)

Generation Annihilation Playlist May 11th 2013.

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Bishops Green – S/T 12″ Blinded

Marked Men – S/T 7″ Marked Men/This Is My Whip
Chin Chin – Sound Of The Westway LP Never Surrender
Avengers – S/T LP The Amerikan In Me
Generation X – S/T LP 100 Punks
Buzzcocks – Singles Going Steady LP Autonomy

No Problem – And Now This 12″ Enemies
Asta Kask – Rock Mot Svinen LP Rhingals Brinner
Articles Of Faith – Complete vol 1 LP My Fathers Dreams
No Hope For The Kids – Das Reich 7″ Secret Police
Motorhead – S/T LP Vibrator
No Sir I Won’t – More Politicians 7″ More Politicians

Absurdo – Tots Sants 7″ Pesadillas
Unruled – S/T 7″ Time Is Running Out
Born Dead Icons – Salvation On The Knees LP Forever Soaked In Blood
Final warning – S/T 7″ Rain Of Death
Write Off – S/T CD You Support Hate

Discharge – Decontrol 7″ Decontrol

Generation Annihilation Playlist May 4th 2013.

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Institution – Varldens Andstation 7″ Falsk Trygghet

Specials – Gangsters

Dispense – Nothing But The Truth 7″ When Will It Sop
Occult SS – Teeth In The Dark 7″ Rattle Tooth
Condition – S/T 7″ Accepted Farce
Zatsuon – Violent Noiz Life 7″ No Messiah

Absurdo – Rots Sants 7″ Inocencia/Tu Propia Tumba
Fracaso – S/T 7″ Paranoia
No Problem – S/T 7″ Happy Family
Vacant State – Fill The Void 12″ Dying World
Decontrol – In Trenches LP Destruction At Dawn

All Out Panic – Pig CD Victims
Trauma – S/T LP No Escape
Kremlin – S/T 12″ Doomed Youth
Spectres – Nothing To Nowhere LP Passages
Bishops Green – S/T 12″ Tumbling Down

White Wards – S/T 7″ Fucking A Dead
Criminal Code – S/T 7″ Futile Days
Efflexus – Life Destruktion LP Final Injustice true,true, Rapid Loss – S/T LP Moving On

Scientists – S/T 7″ Last Night