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Generation Annihilation Playlist June 29 2013.

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

The Subhumans – Death To The Sickoids 7″ Oh Canada (No Label)
Riot 303 – Crowd Control 7″ Murder The Prime Minister (Cardiac)

Pointed Sticks – Vancouver Complication CD Marching Song (Sudden Death)
Active Dog- Vancouver Complication CD Fun While It Lasts (Sudden Death)
Wasted Lives – Vancouver Complication CD Wirehead (Sudden Death)
U J3RK5 – Vancouver Complication CD UJ3RK5 Work For The Police (Sudden Death)

No Exit – Vancouver Independence LP Nothing New (Friends)
Si Monkey – Vancouver Independence LP The Conquest Of Daytime (Friends)
Droogs – Vancouver Independence LP JKO (Friends)

Gasssenhauer – It Came From The Pit LP Local Youths (Psyche)
October Crisis – It Came From The Pit LP Everyday (Psyche)
Stretch Marks – It Came From The Pit LP Old Man Understand (Psyche)

Absurds – Primitive Air Raid LP Futur’s Nature (Psyche)
Genetic Control – Primitive Air Raid LP Suburban Life (Psyche)
Direct Control – Primitive Air Raid LP Hate Generation (Psyche)
No Policy – Primitive Air Raid LP News Or Propaganda (Psyche)

SNFU – It Came From Interspace LP Real Men Don’t Watch Quincy (Rubber)
The Standards – It Came From Interspace LP Breakout (Rubber)

DOA – Murder LP Midnight Special (Profile)

Generation Annihilation Playlist June 15th 2013.

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Iggy And The Stooges – Ready To Die LP Burn (Fat Possum)
The Dictators – Manifest Destiny LP Search And Destroy (Aslylum)

Black Flag – The First Four Years LP Jealous Again (SST)
OFF! – S/T 12″ I’ve Got News For You (Vice)
The Adolescents – S/T LP Who Is Who (Frontier)
The Tubuloids – Surf Fukishima! CD Misirlou/The Trap
Culo – My Brain Is Hanging Upside Dow 7″ Can’t Grow Up (Cowabunga)
Condominium – Gag 7″ Redemption Song (Deer Healer)

Wartorn – Iconic Nightmare 12″ Iconic Nightmare (Southern Lord)
Wolfbrigade – Damned LP Feed The Flames (Southern Lord)
Instinct Of Survival – North Of Nowhere… LP Suffocation (World Funeral)
Extinction Of Mankind – Northern Scum CD Reality Bullshit (Profane Existence)
Doom – Corrupt Fucking System LP Stripped Whipped And Crucified (Black Cloud)

Toe Tag – Here She Comes Again CD Machete Killah (Conundrum)
The Accused – Martha Splatterhead’s Maddest Stories Ever Told LP Inherit The Earth (Combat)
Sacrilege BC – Thrash Revenge On Skull Island 7″ The Golden Age Of Decay (Wajemac)
Holier Than Though? – You Cant Have Slaughter With Out Laughter LP Same Shit Different Asshole (Six Weeks)
Abigail – Thrash Revenge 7″ Postman’s Pet Peeve (Wajemac)

Bishops Green – S/T 12″ The Crow (Rebellion)

Generation Annihilation Playlist June 8th 2013.

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Buzzcocks – Another Music In A Different Kitchen LP Love Battery (Vinilisssim)

The Restarts – A Sickness In Mind CD Independentzia (No Label)
UK Subs – XX IV CD Black Power Salute (Captain Oi!)
The Varukers – Another Religion Another War 12″ Who Pays? (Havoc)
Dogma Mundista – Destiny Or Greed LP Winter For All (Mundista Humanista)
Total Chaos – The Early Years CD Tortured And Abused (Cleopatra)

The Tubuloids – Surf Fukushima! CD Booze Cruise
Ramones – Brain Drain LP Zero Zero (Let Them Eat Vinyl)
The Dictators – I Am Right 7″ I Am Right (Norton)
Liquor Kings – 100 Proof Rock N Roll CD Satan Bacon And Beer

Crimson Scarlet – S/T 7″ Window (Rust And Machine)
Spectres – Nothing To Nowhere 12″ Remote Viewing (Deranged)

Black Flag – The Chase
Peace Corps -Terror Of Quincy 12″ Presidents Camouflage (Toxic Shock)
Salted City – Rebirth 7″ Rebirth (Adelante Discos)
No Rebate – Dish Pig CS God Loves You (Demo)
Kremlin – Drunk With The Goulag 12″ Fanatics (Hardware)

Wartorn – S/T 12″ Unfinished Blueprint (Southern Lord)
Chapel – Satans Rock N Roll CD Hell Razors (Invictus)