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Generation Annihilation Playlist 26th 2013.

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Misfits – Collection LP 2 Halloween

Mob 47 – Made In Japan LP karnvapen Attack
Green Beret – Violence Is Their Currency 12″ Bloody Summer/In Silence
Helta Skelta – S/T LP Helta Skelta
Institution – Domen Ar Satt 12″ Domen Ar Satt
Sgt Slaughter -Slams And Jams 7″ Home On The Strange/Guitar Dick Mouth
Hoax – S/T 7″ Drive

Anti Nowhere League – We Will Survive 7″ We Will Survive
The Clash – Gates Of The West 7″ Gates Of The West
Kolla Kestaa – Kirjoituksia Kellarista 7″ Kai Kivi

Spys – Machine Shop 7″ Underground
Hot Nasties – Invasion Of The Tribbles 7″ I Am A Confused Teenager
David Quinton – Split W/ Stiv Bators 7″ Make Up Your Mind
Undecided – The Masters Apprentice 7″ Undecided
Pointed Sticks – What Do You Want Me To Do 7″ Somebody’s Mom

Discharge -Massacre Divine LP Sexplosion
Discharge – Never Again LP Never Again
Poison Idea – Pick Your King 7″ Cult Band
Bikini Kill – S/T LP Suck My Left One
Dischange – Seeing Feeling Bleeding LP Blind Paths
Rose Tattoo – Rock N Roll Outlaw LP One Of The Boys

Ramones – Leave Home LP Pinhead

Generation Annihilation Playlist October 19th 2013.

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Killing Joke – MMXII CD Pole Shift (Spinefarm)

Dead Ramones – Eagle Of The Road 7″ Hear Me (Impure Musik)
Lie’ – Pire
Kuudes Silma – Hypnoosi LP (Combat Rock Industry)
Sei Hexe – Split W/Blasa 7″ Safely Endangered Species (String Break)

Koszmar – Jeniec Wojenny LP Jeniec Wojenny (Charged//Distorted)
Total War – Annihilation 12″ Nuclear Meltdown Terror (Konton Krasher)
Nightfall – S/T 12″ Poison Control
Gasmask Terror – 17101961 7″ Octobre Rouge (No Punks In K-Town)
Truncheons – Annihililation 12″ Voice Your Opinion (Konton Crasher)

Vacant State – State Of Confusion 7″ Bleak
Out Cold – Split w/For The Worse 7″ Colder
For The Worse – Split w/Out Cold 7″ Smoke And Mirrors
Stronger Than Ten – S/T 7″ Crawl Through Hell
Division X – Brotherhood 7″ Brotherhood

The Restarts – A Sickness Of Mind CD Indepentzia (No Label)
Barbed Wire – The Age That Didn’t Care CD Weapons Of War (Captain Oi!)
AYS – Expect No Mercy 7″ You’re Just A Jerk (Mortarhate)
Culture Shock – Go Wild LP Go Wild (Bluurg)
The Dark – The Punk Collection CD Muzak (Captain Oi!)

Apewar – Templar

Generation Annihilation Playlist October 12th 2013.

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Shutdown – S/T 7″ Six Faced Lie (Chikara)
Germs – MIA CD Shutdown (Slash)

Rovsvett – 1984-1987 CD POB (Six Weeks)
Crude SS – Who’ll Survive 7″ Destroy Capitalism (Voltage)
Mob 47 – EP 7″ Karnavpaen (Havoc)
Dischange – Split W/Excrement Of War 7″ Dead End (Finn)
Anti-Cimex – Absolute Country Of Sweden LP Going Down (Distort Reality)

Dead Ramones – Eagle Of The Road 7″ Eagle Of The Road (Impure Musik)
Gasmask Terror – 17101961 7″ Terror Mongers (No Punks In K-Town)
State Poison – Fack Oof 7″ Fack Oof (No Punks In K-Town)
Lost Chaos – Kill Dick Control 7″ Spitback (Hardcore Victim)

Needles – Deseperacion 7″ Truth (Iron Lung)
Citizens Patrol – Split W/Reproach 7″ Another Illusion (Way Back When)
Criarius – Espiritu De Libertad 12″ Lobos En La Noche (Hardware)
Government Flu – Walcz O Sieble 7″ (Yama Dori)
Savageheads – S/T CS Prisoner Of the CIA (Demo)

Klein 69 -Shredded Wheat Vol 2 CD Yafa (Harvest King)
Born Wrong – Shredded Wheat Vol 2 CD Promise Of Godless (Harvest King)
Workprint – Shredded Wheat Vol 2 CD One Italian To Another (Harvest King)

Bishops Green – S/T CD Stay Away (Rebellion)