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Generation Annihilation Playlist June 14th 2014.

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Amebix – Arise LP Arise (Alternative Tentacles)

Crucifix – S/T 12″ Capitulation (Universal)
Terveet Kadet – Black God LP Message (Rock O Rama)
Moskwa – S/T 7″ Niedy
Wretched – Libero Di Vivere LP Track One
English Dogs – Ends Of The Earth 12″ Survival Of The Fittest (Rot)
Discharge – Warning 12″ In Defense Of Our Future (Clay)

Proxy – Fine Wine 7″ Fine Wine (MMM)
Rebel Young Republican – S/T Mary Magdaline
Pmma – All She Wanted 7″ All She Wanted (Imminent Destruction)
The Dishrags – Three LP Bullshit (Supreme Echo)
Pura Mania – Ratas De Dos Patas CS Tus Ojos

No Problem – Already Dead 12″ Already Dead (Deranged)
Bishops Green – Pressure 12″ Pressure (Lonshot)
Chapel – Satan’s Rock N Roll LP Hellrazors (Invictus)
Bellicose Minds – Buzz Or Howl Sessions 10″ Bloody Hands (A389)

Secret Prostitutes – Viva La Evolution 12″ Manifesto Komunis (Torture Garden)

Generation Annihilation Playlist June 7th 2014.

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Discharge – Live At City Gardens LP Warning (Clay)
The Varukers – Another Religion (Live In Holland)

Evil Conduct – Working Class Anthems LP Toe The Line (Brass City Sounds)
The Headhunters – Eat This Dickhead! LP Dole Train (Dim)
Red London – Days Like These LP Saturday/Sunday (Knockout)
Cocksparrer – Here We Stand CD Don’t Stop (Captain Oi!)

Quango – Fatality 7″ Fatality
Flux Of Pink Indians – Neu Smell 7″ Tube Disasters (Crass)
Glaxo Babies – Nine Months To Disco LP The Tea Master And The Assassin (Superior Viaduct)
Crisis – Hymns Of Faith LP Back In The USSR (La Vida)

Arctic Flowers – Weaver LP Weaver (Deranged)
Honey Bane – You Can Be You 7″ Boring Conversation (Crass)
Penetration – Moving Target LP Life’s A Gamble (Virgin)
X – Under The Black Sun LP Motel Room In My Bed (Slash)

OAF – Buried Alive
SNØB – S/T 7″ Nature (Mata La Musica Discos)
Bloodnail – Nothing At All (Demo)
Valley Boys – Drone Attack 7″ Cop Sucker (Ugly Pop)

Dr. Know – Wreckage In The Flesh LP Into The Void (Death)

Generation Annihilation Playlist May 31st 2014.

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Angelic Upstarts – Live At The Justice League LP Never Ad Nothing (TKO)
Cocksparrer – Running Riot Across The USA LP Riot Squad (TKO)

The Mob – Rise Up 7″ Rise Up
The Mob – Anti Society CD Gates Of Hell (Overground)
Flux Of Pink Indians – Anti Society CD Progress (Overground)
Hagar The Womb – Anti State CD Dressed To Kill (Overground)

Evil Conduct – Working Class Anthems LP Stuck In Berlin (Brass City Sounds)
Noi!se – Pushing On LP Idle Action (Pirates Press)
Kroovy Rookers – Mirrors 7″ Not The Same
Bishops Green – Pressure LP Another Door (Pirates Press)
Harrington Saints – 40 Years And Still Going Strong 7″ Put Your Boots Back On (Longshot)

No Problem – We’re Already Dead 12″ After The Crash (Deranged)
Toxic Reasons – Live In Berkely 12″ Time Will Tell (Beer City)
Down Syndrome – S/T 7″ Suicidal Eyes (Black Sun)
Valley Boys – Drone Attack 7″ Drone Attack (Ugly Pop)

Negative Press – Long Haul 12″ Plain Sons (Inimical)
Davidians – S/T 7″ Leather (K)nights (Deranged)
SNØB – S/T 7″ What Fucking Problem (Mata La Musica Discos)

Konform – Conform And Die CD Threat Of War (No Just Cause)