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Generation Annihilation Playlist October 25th 2014.

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

GBH – City Baby LP Gunned Down (Clay)
Anti-Pasti – The Last Call CD Another Dead Soldier (Captain Oi!)

Four Stroke – I Was A Teenage Suicide Bomber CD I Wanna Be A Suburban Jihadi (Crusty)
Fearless Iranians From Hell – Die For Allah LP Die For Allah (Boner)
Nunfuckers – Dead And On The Floor 7″ Blood Bath
Bonecrusher – Problems In The Nation 7″ Problems In The Nation
Broken Bones – Dem Bones LP Terrorist Attack (Fallout)
Random Killing – Take Our Flag 7″ Terrorist Attack (Aardvark)

Obliterations – S/T 7″ Kick Against The Pricks (Outer Battery)
Long Knife – Meditations On Self Destruction LP Exile
Mindspiders – Influence LP We’re Not In It To Lose (Stiff Hombre)
Mystic Insane – Deep Creep (Deep Creep)
Suburban Mutilation – The Opera Aint Over LP Apathy (Beer City)
Negative Press – Long Haul 12″ Naked Idiot (Inimical)

Fashionism – Smash The State With Your Face 7″ Smash The State
Greenback High – The Party Lives On CD Moons of Jupiter
The Boys – S/T CD Soda Pressing (Captain Oi!)
The Number Ones – S/T LP Heartsmash (Static Shock)
The Exploding Hearts – Guitar Romantic CD Sleeping Aides And Razor Blades (Dirtnap)

Negative Approach – Tied Down 12″ Tied Down (Touch And Go)
The Exploited – Punks Not Dead LP Cop Cars (Secret)
Rudimentary Peni – Media Person (EPS Of)
Bathory – The Return LP Possessed (Banzai)
Darkthrone – Darkthrones And Black Flags LP Hiking Metal Punks (Peaceville)

Generation Annihilation Playlist October 18th 2014.

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

The Riffs – Dead End Dream CD In The Street (TKO)
Shock Nagasaki – Year of the Spy CD I Get High On Low Society (TKO)

Short And Curlies – Bitter And Twisted CD Houses For The Homeless (Knockout)
Glory Stompers -Abandoned Youth LP Homeless (Disturbance)
Born/Dead – S/T 7″ Homeless (No Options)
Attitude – Kein Schalf Deutschland 12″ Homeless (We Bite)
Discharge – Why 12″ Does The System Work (Clay)
UK Subs – Complete Riot CD Squat 96 (New Red Archives)

Car 87 – Influence LP No Love (Stiff Hombre)

New Regrets – S/T 7″ Play Your Game
Mystic Insane – Blue Manhattan (Deep Creep)
Toys That Kill – Influence LP You Make Me Nervous (Stiff Hombre)
Skull N Bone – Keep The Wheel Spinning CD Sad View
Systematik – Bondage 12″ Submission (Sabotage)
Scalped – S/T 7″ At A Cross (Warthog Speak)
Ripper – Wasteland CD My World My War

Kaiten – Split W/Savage Noise 12″ Safety In Numbers (Dark Raid)
Napalm Raid – Living Breathing Dead
Hellkrusher – Doomsday Hour LP Fuck You Pal (Skuld)
Konform – The Final Exploitation CD The Final Exploitation (No Just Cause)

English Dogs – We Did We Do We Always Fucking Will CD We Did We Do We Always Fucking Will
Sacrilege – Behind The Realms Of Madness LP Lifeline (Pusmort)