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Generation Annihilation Playlist November 22nd 2014.

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

The Avengers – S/T LP The American In Me (CD Presents)
Destroy All Monsters – November 22nd 1963

Active Glands – 1987 Demo I’m Alone
Active Glands – 1983 Demo Surgery
Random Killing – This Whole World 12″ Killer Weed (Aardvark)
Guilt Parade – Coprophobia LP Ode To An Asshole (Fringe)
Circle Jerks – Golden Shower Of Hits LP Rats Of Reality (Lax)
The Dicks – 1980-1986 CD Fake Bands (Alternative Tentacles)

Harrington Saints – Upright Citizen 7″ Lets Go A Robe A Bank (Pirates Press)
On File – Pogo In My Heart 7″ Happy Hooligans (Rebellion)
Vanilla Muffins – A Little Night Music 7″ It’s All A Joke (Sunny Bastards)
Bishops Green – Pressure LP Hell in a Handbag (Rebellion)

Kraxxa – 2014 Demo Control
Mental Fix – 2014 Demo Love Song
ZEX – Savage City 7″ Buy Or Die (Electric Assault)
Long Knife – Meditations Of Self Destruction LP Memories
Systemtik – Upcoming Bondage 12″ Submission (Sabotage)

Battalion Of Saints – Muscle Of Love 7″ Muscle Of Love (Taang)
The Detonators – Billion Dollar Nazis 7″ Billion Dollar Nazis (Insurrection)

Generation Annihilation Playlist November 1st 2014.

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Art Bergman – Songs for the Underclass CD Company Store

Lazy Class – Better Life 7″ Violent World
Iron City Hooligans – Armored Saints LP Unemployed
Bishops Green – Pressure LP Tomorrow

Songs for Snakes – Year of the Snake CD She is Not Impressed
The Dirty Nil – Cinnamon 7″ Cinnamon
Replacements – Hootenanny LP Color Me Impressed
Viletones – A Taste of Honey CD KGB

Rattus – Turta 7″ Uskoton
Rattus – S/T LP Miks Haluat Tapella
Mellakka – R.I.P. 7″ Traditio
Aaritila – Ennen Huomista Tna Tuomiopaivana CDValtopoliisi
Mob 47 – Ultimate Attack LP Innocent Victims
Riistetyt – Korppien Paraati LP Nekropolis

Dayglo Abortions – Feed Us A Fetus LP Germ Attack
Sore Throat – Never Mind the Napalm Here’s Sore Throat LP Virus
Teenage Head – Double Header LP Sick Little Man
GBH – The Clay Years 1981-1984 LP Sick Boy

Old Man Strength – S/T 7″ A Toast
All Out Panic – Panic Attack (Panic Attack)
Car 87 – Wired (Live at IRS)

The Proletariat – This is Boston Not L.A. LP Allegiance