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Generation Annihilation Playlist January 24th 2015.

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Discharge – Realities Of War 7″ Realities Of War/They Declare It

Aspects Of War – The Presence Of Death 7″ This Is Hell
Eel – Split w/Pissbath 7″ Pacifism Won’t Win Fight
Sex Dwarf – Non Stop Erotic Noise Cabaret 12″ Deras Ord
LSD – Destroy 7″ Kill You
Chaos UK – Studio Outtakes ’81 – ’83 7″ Maggie
Gloom – Recommendations Of Perdition 12″ Disturbing Media

Una Bestia – Nou Mon 7″ Incontrollable
Los Monjo – La Vida Que Todos Envidian LP Rock Basura
Ohlo Seco – Os Primeiros Dias LP Olho De Gato
Pura Mania – Musica Para Gente Fea 7″ Musica Para Gente Fea

Fashionism – Where Have All The Rock N Roll Girls Gone 7″ Rock N Roll Girls
Andy Place And The Cool Heads – S/T C/S Hole
Descendents – I Don’t Wanna Grow Up LP Good Good Things
Radioactivity – S/T CS Alright
Skull N Bone – Keeping The Wheel Spinning CS Sad View
The Subhumans – Firing Squad 7″ Firing Squad

Bomb Heaven – S/T 7″ War Fear
Assassinate – S/T 7″ Detonator
Deathcharge – S/T 7″ The Hangman

AHNA -Perpetual Warfare 12″ Noone Survives

Generation Annihilation Playlist January 10th 2015.

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Old Man Strength – S/T 7″ Conversations With A Jackass (Pankratium)

Car 87 – Mirrors 7″ Trapped
The Tubuloids – This Wave Sucks 7″ This Wave Sucks (Crapital)
Bishops Green – Pressure 12″ Vacant State (Rebellion)
Vacant State – Chains 7″ Not The Same (Hardware)

SNØB – S/T 7″ No One Is Innocent (Mata La Musica Discos)
The Brass – How Much Art
S.H.I.T. – Generation Shit 7″ Fuck All (Lengua Armada Discos)
Primitive Pact – Injustice 7″ Soldiers Of War (Total Fucker)
Savageheads – S/T 7″ Trained Killer (Twerp)

Toxic Reasons – Live Berkeley Square LP War Hero (Beer City)
New Regrets – S/T 7″ Hang Em High
Disasters – Influence LP New Wave Slave (Stiff Hombre)
The Nervous – Influence LP Manipulation (Stiff Hombre)
OFF! – Wasted Years LP Death Trip On The Party Train (Vice)

Long Knife – Begin The Onslaught LP Dressing Up A Drunk
The Obliterations – Can’t Afford To Die (S/T)
Deep Creep – Mystic Insane 7″ I Believe In UFO’s

Sacrilege – It’s Time To Face The Reaper LP Bloodlust (Havoc)