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Generation Annihilation Playlist February 21st 2015.

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Conflict – The Ungovernable Force LP You Can Not Win/The Ungovernable Force (Mortarhate)

Buzzcocks – Keep On Believing (1-2-3-4 GO!)
UK Subs – Yellow Leader CD Artificial (Captain Oi!)
Rezillos – Can’t Stand The Rezillos LP 2000 AD (Sire)
Fashionism – Smash The State With Your Face 7″ Breaking Out
Line Traps – S/T LP Intro/Shock Appeal

The Bags – Three LP All Bagged Up LP Survive (Artifix)
The Dishrags – The Bags – Three LP What Do You Want Me To Be? (Supreme Echo)
Lié – Consent 12″ Casual Embrace (That’s Cool)
Sin 34 – Do You Feel Safe 12″ New Wave Sucks (Sinister Torch)

Reagan Youth – Volume 1 CD Anytown
Fang – Landshark 12′ Diary Of A Warewulf (Boner)
Kroovy Rookers – Better Than A Kick In The Yarbles 7″ Beggars Can Be Losers
Reagan Youth – Volume 2 CD Get The Ruler Out (New Red Archives)

Concealed Blade – 2015 Demo, Wage Slave
Terokal – Life After War 7″ NN (Distort Reality)
Warcry – Savage Machinery 12″ They Chain Us
Gluerash – Demo 2015, Surface

Necroholocaust – Holocaustic Goat Metal LP Defile The House Of God (Iron Bonehead)

Generation Annihilation Playlist February 14th 2015.

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Sub Hum Ans – Religious Wars 7″ Love Is… (Bluurg)
Suicidal Tendencies – S/T LP I Won’t Fall In Love Today (Frontier)

Cro Mags – Age Of Quarrel LP Age Of Quarrel (Profile)
SOD – Speak English Or Die LP Freddy Kreuger (Megaforce)
Bad Brains – I Against I LP House Of Suffering (SST)
Crumbsuckers – Life Of Dreams Live To Work (Combat Core)
Agnostic Front – Cause For Alarm LP The Eliminator (Combat Core)

Eliminator – 2015 Demo, Hitting The Bottom
Power – Bremerton Zoo LP Bremerton Zoo (Twelve Gauge)
The Acquitted – 2014 Demo, Dues Paid
Vacant State – Chains 7″ Not The Same (Hardware)

Bishops Green – Pressure 12″ Vacant State (Rebellion)
Harrington Saints – Upright Citizen 7″ Upright Citizen (Pirates Press)
Suede Razors – Bootboy Anthems 7″ Rebels And Pearls (Pirates Press)
The Generators – Life Takes Life Gives LP Life Takes Life Gives (Randale)

Warcry – Savage Machinery 12″ Force Feed
Long Knife – Possession 7″ Wilderness
Chimpilastica – Demo 2015, Hello Shitty

Voivod – Rrroooaaarrr LP Slaughter In A Grave (Banzai)

Generation Annihilation Playlist February 7th 2015.

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Chaos UK – Earslaughter LP A Month Of Sundays (Manic Ears)
Disorder – Violent World LP Fur Elise/Health Hazard

The Generators – Tyranny LP Down In The City (TKO)
Niblick Henbane – Go Away LP Don’t Tread On Me (TKO)
Wretched Ones – Go To Work LP Mind Your Own Business (Knockout)
Glory Stompers – Ninesixnineseven CD Night Train (Knockout)

Reagan Youth – Youth Anthems CD New Aryans (New Red Archives)
Death Sentence – Not A Pretty Sight LP In Flames (TKO)
S.C.U.M, – Born Too Soon… CD So Much Hate (Soniks Chicken Shrimp)
Fang – Landshark 12″ Landshark (Boner)

Pill Squad – 2015 Demo, He’ll Look Better When He’s Dead (Demo)
Poor Form – Boxed In 7″ Boxed In (Kingfisher Bluez)
Sin 34 – Do You Feel Safe? LP After (Sinister Torch)
Lié – S/T 12″ Rat River (That’s Cool)

Warcry – Savage Machinery 12″ Fight
Necroholocaust – Holocaustic Goat Metal LP Rise Of Antichrist (Iron Bonehead)
Parasytes – 2015 Demo CS Burning Down The City
Sexface – Village Life 7″ Village Life (Distort Reality)

Broken Bones – Dead And Gone 12″ Dead And Gone

Generation Annihilation Playlist January 31st 2015.

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Gauze – EqualizingXDistort 12″ Crash The Pose

World Burns To Death – Sucking Of The Missile Cock 12″ Sucking Of The Missile Cock
Appendix – money is not my currency LP Huora
Terveet Kadet – Black God LP Message
The Proletariat -P.E.A.C.E. LP An Uneasy Peace
Kruel – S/T 7″ Espeando El Fin
Disable – Split w/Warvictims 7″ Enola

Lifelock – And For What? 7″ And For What?
DZK – De Geracaio… LP Por Que O Mundo Eassim
DNA – A Trip Back To The Land Of The Dead… And Back 12″ Forblindad
DHK – Sound The Alarms LP Kuantos Ninx Mueren???
Sadist – S/T CS Masks

Killing Joke – S/T LP War Dance
London – No Time 7″ No Time
Strangled – Body Bag 12″ Body Bag
PF Commando – Rough Sound 7″ Nu Ska Vi Ha
Pigz – Bloody Belgium 7″ Shall I
Wipers – Nome Noma 7″ Nome Noma

Brats – 1980 LP Accepted
Sensuuri – Hulinaa LP Kirjoitan seinaan

Passion Killers – They Kill Our Passion LP The Fight Carries On