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Generation Annihilation Playlist May 23rd 2015.

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

MDC – Live At CBGBs 1983 LP Multi Death Corporation (Beer City)
The Stains – John Wayne Was A Nazi 7″ Corporate Deathburger (Beer City)

GBH – Leather Bristles Studs And Acne 12″ Slit Your Own Throat (Clay)
GBH – Give Me Fire 7″ Give Me Fire (Clay)
External Menace – Coalition Blues LP Someday (Loud Punk)
Ultra Violent – Crime For Revenge 7″ Crime For Revenge (Static Shock)

Fang – Landshark 12″ They Sent Me To Hell COD (Boner)
Fang – Where The Wild Things Are 12″ I’ve Got The Disease (Boner)
Bad Posture – GDMFOSB CD Get Tough (Grad Theft Audio)
Battalion Of Saints – Death R Us CD Holy Vision (Taang)

F.O.D. – Love Songs 7″ Guidance Councelor (SRA)
Adrenalin O.D. – Lets BBQ 7″ House Husband (Psychic Voltage)
Uniform Choice -1982 Orange Peel Sessions 7″ Religion Is Recruiting (Dr. Strange)
CH3 – History 7″ Kicked In The Teeth (Hostage)
The Freeze – Land Of The Lost CD Days Of Desperation (Dr. Strange)
FUs – Kill For Christ LP Me Generation (Reflex)

Flipper – Love Canal 7″ Love Canal (Superior Viaduct)
Dils – I Hate The Rich 7″ I Hate The Rich (Superior Viaduct)
Really Red – Rest In Pain LP Balance Of Terror (Alternative Tentacles)
Suicide Squad – I Hate School 7″ I Hate School (Bush Pig)
7 Seconds – The Crew LP Here’s Your Warning (BYO)

Moțrhead РSacrifice LP Sex And Death (SPV)

Generation Annihilation Playlist May 5th 2015.

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

7 Seconds – Walk Together Rock Together LP 99 Red Balloons (BYO)

Dagrs – S/T LP The Way Out
The Gagged – S/T CD Do The Pop ()
Buzzcocks – The Way LP The Way (1-2-3-4 GO!)
The Rezillos – Zero CD Groovy Room (Metropolis)

Violent Reaction – Marching On LP M1 Stomp/Leave Me Out (Revelation)
Vacant State – Chains 7″ This Disease (Warthog Speak)
Neu Ronz – You’re Calling Me (Adult Crash)
Dogs – S/T 7″ Thunderballs (Rubber Factory)
Aggression Pact – S/T 7″ Contemptible (Painkiller)

Parasytes – 2015 Demo CS Melting Brain
Sex Face – Village Life 7″ Gotta Survive (Distort Reality)
Artificial Dissemination – S/T 7″ Glare
Rebuild//Repair – Agoraphobia (Damage Story)

Despair – 2015 Demo CS A Never Ending Hell
Despair – 2015 Demo CS Visions Of The Inferno
Despair – 2015 Demo CS Ghost Bomber
Despair – 2015 Demo CS White Phosphorus
Despair – 2015 Demo CS Bloodthirsty Ambition

AHNA – Perpetual Warfare 12 ” Perpetual Warfare