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Generation Annihilation Playlist September 19th 2015.

Friday, September 25th, 2015

The Scramblers – Live At 86 Street CD Running Out Of Time

Vicious Circle – Reflections LP Common Denominator (Reactor)
Condemned – Humanoid Or Biomechanoid? LP A Cavern In Time (Nuclear Blast)
Mass Appeal – Nobody Likes A Thinker CD Dead Heads (Relapse)
Bastard Squad – Fight Goes On CD Nothing And Nowhere (Waterfront)

The A-Heads – Discography LP Isolated (Mass Media)
Conflict – Last Hour LP Listen To The News (Puke And Vomit)
Crass – Penis Envy LP Where Next Columbus? (Crass)
Dirt – Object Refuse Reject Abuse 7″ Hiroshima
Sacrilege – It’s Time To Face The Reaper LP Bloodlust (Havoc)

LiĆ© – S/T LP Casual Embrace ( That’s Cool)
Charge – Perfection LP Dancin On Graves (Kamera)
Paranoid State – ST LP The Hanging Tree (Gummo Punx)
Killing Joke – Pylon CD I Am The Virus (Spinefarm)

Disorder – Complete Disorder 7″ Completer Disorder (Disorder)
Disorder – Distortion To Deafness 7″ More Than Fights (Disorder)
Disorder – Perdition 12″ Preachers (Disorder)
Disorder – Mental Disorder 7″ Bullshit Everyone (Disorder)

Amebix – Who’s The Enemy? 7″ No Gods No Masters (Spider Leg)
Amebix – Winter 7″ Beginning Of The End (Spider Leg)
Amebix – No Sanctuary 12″ Progress? (Spider Leg)
Amebix – Arise LP Arise (Alternative Tentacles)