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Generation Annihilation Playlist December 21st 2015.

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Citizen Fish – Millennia Madness LP Refugees (Bluurg)
UK Subs – Universal CD Don’t Blame Islam (Captain Oi!)

Forgotten Rebels – In Love With The System LP Bomb The Boats Feed The Fish (Star)
Antidote – Thou Shall Not Kill 12″ Foreign Job Lot (Antidote)
SOD – Speak English Or Die LP Fuck The Middle East (Megaforce)
Fear – More Beer LP Bomb The Russians (Restless)

Poison Idea – Religion And Politics CD Religion And Politics (Tim Kerr)
Beyond Possession – Tell Tale Heart 7″ No Religion (Fango)
Scum – Born To Soon LP No Hope Religion (Psyche)
Capital Punishment – Bulwarks Against Oppression LP Fire And Brimstone (We Bite)

Fearless Iranians – Die For Allah LP Die For Allah (Boner)
Tongue Avulsion – Not So Quiet LP Libyan Hit Squad (Alternative Tentacles)
Cats Game – Its A Holocaust Now CD BBQd Pope
Dr. Know – The Best Of LP God Told Me To (Mystic)
Circle Jerks – Wonderful LP Killing For Jesus (Combat)
MDC – Millions Of Damn Christians LP This Blood’s For You (RRadical)

Subhumans – Religious Wars 7″ Religious Wars (Bluurg)
Doom – Fuck Peaceville No Religion (Profane Existence)
The Varukers – Another Religion War 12″ Another Religion (Havoc)
Discharge – Fight Back 7″ Religion Instigates (Clay)

Dayglo Abortions – Feed Us A Fetus LP Religious Bumfucks (Fringe)
Dead Kennedys – In God We Trust 12″ Religious Vomit/Moral Majority (Alternative Tentacles)
The Exploited – The Massacre CD Fuck Religion (Captain Oi!)
Motorhead – Iron Fist LP I Don’t Need Religion (Bronze)

The Accused -Martha Splatterheads Maddest Story LP I’d Love To Change The World (Combat)
Dr. Know – Killing For God LP Father Son And Holy Shit (Unrest)

Generation Annihilation Playlist November 14th 2015.

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Moțrhead РAce Of Spades LP Jailbait (Bronze)
Moțrhead РNo Sleep Til Hammersmith LP The Hammer (Bronze)

Bishops Green – S/T 12″ Senseless Crime (Rebellion Rixe Coups And Bleasures 7″ Coups And Bleasures (La Vida Discos En Mus)
Litovsk – Split w/Syndrome 81 Desert Obain (Backwash)
Syndrome 81 -Split w/Litovsk Brest (Backwash)
UK Subs – Keep On Running 7″ Party In Paris (Gem)

YDI – A Place In The Sun LP Why Die (Southern Lord)
No Tolerance -You Walk Alone LP Watch You Break (Painkiller)
Vaaska – Todos Contra Todos 7″ Policia Policia (Beach Impediment)
Static Control – Demo 2015 CS Mais?/Comodismo
Strutter – S/T 7″ Will To Learn (Beach Impediment)
Blood Pressure – No Need Control 7″ The Facts (Beach Impediment)

Exit Order – S/T 7″ Dog
Sacrilege – Behind The Realms Of Madness LP Feed (Relapse)
AHNA – Perpetual Warfare 12″ Pull The Trigger

Necroholocaust – Holocaustic Goat Metal LP Inverted Christ (Iron Bonehead)

Generation Annihilation Playlist November 7th 2015.

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

DOA – Hard Rain Falling LP Punk Rock Hero (Sudden Death)

The Pack – S/T LP Looking For Danger (Ugly Pop)
PF Commandos – Manipulirade LP Auschwitz (Ugly Pop)
Upright Citizens -Bombs Of Peace LP Holocaust
Crude SS -Who’ll Survive LP Who’ll Survive (Radiation)

Johnny Moped – Aint No Rock N Roll Rookie 7″ Super Woofa (Damaged Goods)
Eddie And The Hot Rods -The Power The Glory 7″ The Power The Glory (Island)
Fatal Microbes – Violence Grows 7″ Violence Grows (United Artists)
The Stranglers – No More Heroes LP Dead Ringer (United Artists)

UK Subs – Another Kind Of Blues LP B1C (Nems)
Buzzcoks – What Do I Get? 7″ Oh Shit
Depressions – S/T LP Burning Ambitions (Beat Generation)
Machines -S/T 7″ Evening Radio (Max)
Valves – Robot Love 7″ For Adolphs Only (Zoom)

The Lewd – American Whino LP American Whino (Puke And Vomit)
Private School -S/T 7″ Fuck You (Full Friction)
The Braineaters – I Braineater 7″ I Braineater (Wrong World)
The Forgotten Rebels – S/T 12″ 3rd Homosexual Murder (S&M)

Circle The Wagons – Forbidden To Eat Worms CD Cowards Drop Bombs (Black Banana)