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Generation Annihilation Playlist March 19th 2016.

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Dayglo Abortions – Armageddon Survival Guide LP The Dishwasher (Unrest)
Old Derelicts – Take It Back LP The Regent (Kick Rox)

Discharge – End Of Days LP New World Order (Nuclear Blast)
Discharge – Live In TO 83 LP Never Again (Ugly Pop)
Hellhrusher – Recorded Works LP Body Count (Anti-Society)
Final Warning – Eyes Of A Child 7″ Faith/Rise (Tribal War)

Peter And The Test Tube Babies – South American Frogs CD Guest List (Dr. Strange)
The Adicts – Songs Of Praise LP Hurt (People Like You)
The Dickies – Stukas Over Disneyland CD Bedrock Barney (Restless)
The Damned – Machine Etiquette CD Looking At You (Chiswick)

Machine Gun – The World Is Sick CS (Demo)

Neighborhood Brats – Recovery LP Boys For 20 Years ((Deranged)
Piss Test – S/T 7″ Better Pay Your Publicist
Criminal Code – S/T 7″ No Such Omen
Vleins – Loner
Cloaka – Sequel 138

Rotten UK – Batshit Crazy 7″ Burnt Church (Disillusioned)

Generation Annihilation Playlist March 5th 2016.

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

UK Subs – Normal Services Resumed LP Mohawk Radio (Fallout)
The Dugz – Split W/Berlin Lights 7″ Caught In A War (Time And Matter)

Shellshock – Execution Time LP Execution Time (Rave Up)
The Skunx – Earthquake Shake 7″ Get Loose
Subtractions – It’s Exposed 7″ Social Rules (Hozac)
The Clitboys – We Don’t Play The Game 7″ No Such Thing (Beer City)

Discharge – End Of Days LP Hate Bomb (Nuclear Blast)
X-Tract – Songs For A Dead Generation CD We Don’t Build Your Dirty Machines
Barbed Wire – The Age That Didn’t Care CD Weapons Of War (Captain Oi!)
Billy Club – Generation Time Bomb CD Death Row Dogs

Last Kaste – 2016 Demo CS Sanctuary (Thought Decay)
Krime Watch S/T Coward
Droidz S/T Ghost Of The Iron Curtain
Parasytes – Straight Jacket Nation 7″ Burn Down The Cities (Distort Reality)

Cheap Appeal – Demo CS Panic
Paranoi – Demo CS Police
Commando – Come Out Fighting CS Effigy
Car 87 -NYB Volume 5 CD Sixes (Not Yer Buddy)
Victims – Sirens LP Walls (Tank Crimes)

Buzzcocks – A Different Kind Of Tension LP Sitting Round At Home (United Artists)

Generation Annihilation Playlist February 27th 2016.

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

The Stupids – Violent Nun 7″ Elephant Man (COR)

Lunatic Fringe – Cringe With Fringe 7″ Flesh And Blood (COR)
Ripcord – The Damage Is Done 7″ Furder (Raging)
Concrete Sox – Your Turn Next LP (COR)
Heresy – Never Healed 7″ Never Healed (Earache)

Chaos UK – Easrslaughter LP Month Of Sundays (Manic Ears)
Civilised Society? – Scrap Metal LP Is There Life After Work? (Manic Ears)
Generic – For A Free And Liberated SA 7″ – Making A Killing (Flat)
Atavistic – Equilibrium 7″ Perpetual Motion (Loony Tunes)

Napalm Death – Scum LP Scum (Earache)
Subverse – Crunch LP Chaos And Destruction (Manic Ears)
Adversity – Lost It All LP The Jester (Manic Ears)
Sons Of Ishmael – Pariah Martyr Demands A Sacrifice LP Parasites (Manic Ears)

Extreme Noise Terror – Digging In Water LP Bullshit Propaganda (Manic Ears)
Doom – Hardcore Holocaust LP No Religion (Strange Fruit)
Deviated Instinct – Rock N Roll Conformity LP Pearls Before Swine (Peaceville)

Fratricide – S/T 12″ Rip Wide The Sky (Ugly Pop)