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Generation Annihilation Playlist December 19th 2016.

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Bottle Punk “S/T” – Donald Trump/Dolphin
Brujeria – Fuck You Puto 7″ Viva Presidente Trump! (Nuclear Blast)

Glad Rags – Smile LP Bullshithead
LiĆ© – Truth Or Consequences 7″ Truth Or Consequences
Alien Boys – Self Critical Theory CS Self Critical Theory
Ten Days Late – Go With The Flow 7″ – Getaway (Klark)

Scraper – Misery LP Misery/Rats In The House (Slovenly)
Puff! – Living In The Partyzone LP A Thousand Angry Clocks (Slovenly)
Duchess Says – Sciences Nouvelles LP I Repeat Myself (Slovenly)
Nomos 751 – Ola Ginane Skata LP Ola Ginane Skata (Slovenly)

Power Trip – Nightmare Logic LP Firing Squad (Southern Lord)
Christ Air – Expose The Lie
Beyond Possession – Tell Tale Heart LP Never Nothing New (Death)
Corrosion Of Conformity – Animosity LP Mad World (Death)
Crumbsuckers – Life Of Dreams LP Life Of Dreams (Combat Core)
Fear Itself – Till Death Do Us Part LP Ignorance (FML)

Dayglo Abortions – Armageddon Survival Guide 12″ Canadian Hate Trio (Unrest)

Generation Annihilation Playlist December 19th 2016.

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Liquids – I Killed Donald Trump

Agent Orange – Living In Darkness LP Too Young To Die (Posh Boy)
Night Birds – Mutiny At Muscle Beach LP Mutiny At Muscle Beach (Fat)
The Tubuloids – This Wave Sucks 7″ This Wave Sucks (Crapital)
OFF! – Wasted Years LP Hypnotized (Vice)
S.L.I.P – Slippy When Wet LP Fast Living (Sorry State)

MDC – Shades Of Brown CD Shades Of Brown (New Red Archives)
Surrogate Brains – The Thing That Ate Floyd LP Extreme Racial Pride (Lookout!)
7 Seconds – Skins Brains And Guts 7″ Racism Sucks (Alternative Tentacles)
DOA – Don’t Turn Your Back On Desperate Times 12″ Race Riot (Alternative Tentacles)
Unaware – Not So Quiet On The Western Front LP Race War (Alternative Tentacles)

Kicker – Rendered Obsolete 12″ Soggy Dad (Tank Crimes)
Zero Tolerance – Home Sweet Hackney CD Psychotic Cities (Combat Rock)
The Restarts – A Sickness In Mind CD Painter Man (No Label)
Tension – We Hate Destroy CD Revenge

Omegas – Power To Exist LP Boom Boom (Beach Impediment)
Humility – Nothing But Guilty” – Sociopath (Knife Vision)
Vaaska – Futuro Primitivo 7″ Futuro Primitivo (Vox Populi)
Warthog – S/T 7″ Culture? (Beach Impediment)

Rikk Agnew – I Can’t Change The World LP I Can’t Change The World (Burger)

Generation Annihilation Playlist November 4th 2016.

Saturday, November 12th, 2016

DOA – Fucked Up Donald 7″ Fucked Up Donald (Sudden Death)
MDC – No Trump No KKK No Fascist USA
Napalm Death – Nazi Trumps Fuck Off

Suede Razors – Berlin Or Bust 7″ Berlin Or Bust (Longshot)
PMS 84 – S/T 7″ The End
No Heart “S/T” – Snake In The Grass

Angelic Upstarts – The Murder Of Little Towers 7″ The Murder Of Little Towers (Small Wonder)
Angelic Upstarts – Never Ad Nothing 7″ Never Ad Nothing (Warner Brothers)
Angelic Upstarts – Teenage Warning LP I’m An Upstart (Warner Brothers)

Angelic Upstarts – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place LP Shotgun Solution (Warner Brothers)
Angelic Upstarts – 2 000 000 Voices LP 2 000 000 Voices (EMI)
Angelic Upstarts – Women In Disguise 7″ Lust For Glory (Anagram)
Angelic Upstarts – Live LP Police Oppression (EMI)

Angelic Upstarts – Reason Why LP 42nd Street (Anagram)
Angelic Upstarts – Last Tango In Moscow LP Machine Gun Kelly (Picasso)
Angelic Upstarts – Solidarity 7″ Five Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (Anagram)
Angelic Upstarts -Live At The Justice League LP Police Oppression (TKO)
Angelic Upstarts – Live At The Justice League LP White Riot (TKO)