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Generation Annihilation Playlist January 21st 2017.

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

The Crucifucks – S/T LP Democracy Spawns Bad Taste (Alternative Tentacles)
The Crucifucks – Wisconsin LP Washington (Alternative Tentacles)
Reagan Youth – Youth Anthems For The New Order 12″ New Aryans (RRadical)

Discharge – Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing LP Protest And Survive (Clay)
The Varukers – Bloodsuckers LP Protest & Survive (Riot City)
The Ejected – Back From The Dead LP Gonna Make A Noise (Randale)
The Dark – The Masque 7″ Warzone (Fresh)
Major Accident – Pneumatic Pneurosis LP Tomorrows Leaders (Flick Knife)

Ruleta Rusa – Viviendo Una Maldicion 12″ Vira Sin Te (Sorry State)
Violent Minds – Eyes Of Death 12″ Prison Planet (Deranged)
Rotten UK – That Is Not Dead CD Waiting For The Bomb To Drop (Hells Headbanger)
Heat – S/T 12″ Shades Of Blue (Deranged)
Brain Slug – Live In Power LP Mortar And Brick (Hardware)
Watchdog – S/T CS More Rules (Demo)

The Gagged – Trainwreck CD Skeleton Dance
The GOP – England Sucks 7″ Portland Politics (Blindpot)
M.A.D – Demo CS I Don’t Need
Fatal Rage – S/T 12″ Die Lady Di (Fatal Rage)
No Problem – Kid Killer 7″ Never See The Sun (Deranged)
Wednesday Night Heroes – Superiority Complex CD Music For The People (Longshot)

Alien Boys – Self Critical Theory CS Self Critical Theory (Demo)

Generation Annihilation Playlist January 14th 2017.

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Discharge – End Of Days LP New World Order (Nuclear Blast)

UK Subs – Ziezo LP Dope Fiend
The Ejected – Back From The Dead LP Hooligan (Randale)
Kicker – Rendered Obsolete LP Rendered Obsolete (Tank Crimes)
Chaos UK – Shit Man Fucker 7″ Systemised (540)
Disorder – Human Cargo 7″ Noisy Trouble (Disorder)

DOA – Fucked Up Donald 7″ Fucked Up Donald (Sudden Death)
Dead Ending – Class War 7″ Ivanka Wants Her Orange Back (Alternative Tentacles)
Lockjaw – Gang Violence 12″ Bathroom Wit (Anti Todo)
DRI – But Wait There’s More 7″ Anonymity (Beer City|)
Dayglos Abortions – Armageddon Survival Guide LP Sick Of Lies (Unrest)
The Freeze – Someones’s Bleeding 7″ Someone’s Bleeding (Dr. Strange)
Clitboys – We Don’t Play The Game 7″ – No Such Thing (Beer City)
YDI – A Place In The Sun LP Another Day (Southern Lord)

Alternate Action – Thin Line LP Waste Of Time (Longshot)
Bishops Green – Back To Their Roots 7″ Do Anything You Wanna Do (Longshot)
Johnny Moped – Real Cool Baby 7″ Real Cool Baby (Damaged Goods)
Satan’s Rats – Year Of The Rats 7″ Year Of The Rats (Overground)
The Jerks – Jerk Off! LP Back To Berlin (Overground)

Amebix – The Power Remains LP Time Bomb

Generation Annihilation Playlist December 31st 2016.

Friday, January 6th, 2017

RIXE – La Nerves A Vif 7″ A Contre Courant (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos)

Hard Pressed – S/T 7″ On The Streets (Longshot)
The Pagans Of North Cumberland – S/T 7″ St. Pauli (Longshot)
No Time – You’ll Get Yours 12″ Anti-Social Day (Six Feet Under)
PMS 84 – S/T 7″ Creep/Security (Night Rider)
Last Kaste – Demo 2016 CS Sanctimony

Cheap Appeal – Demo CS Complete Degenerate
Droidz – S/T CS Collapse
Commando – Some Out Fighting CS Grey Out
Laughing Boy – Demo 2016 CS Out On The Street
Krimewatch -Promo CS Machismo

Green Beret – Standing At The Mouth At The Moth Of Hell 12″ Disregard
Life Fucker – S/T 7″ Life Fucker
Sunshine Ward – Order 12′ Selfish Hate (Feral Ward)
Blood Pressure – Need To Control 12″ Need To Control (Beach Impediment)
S.H.T.T – S/T 7″ – Incorporation (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos)

Omegas – Power To Exist LP Splendid Blaze (Beach Impediment)
Brain Slug – Live In Power LP Year Of The Rat (Hardware)
G.L.O.S.S. – Trans Day Of Revenge 7″ Give Violence
Alien Boys – Self Critical Theory CS Self Critical Theory

Dayglo Abortions – Armageddon Survival Guide LP Aliens From Outer Space (Unrest)