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Generation Annihilation Playlist February 18th 2017.

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

The Damned – Damned Damned Damned LP Neat Neat Neat (Stiff)
The Damned – Damned Damned Damned LP Stab Your Back (Earmark)

The Subhumans – Death To The Sickoids 7″ Death To The Sickoids
The Insults – Stiff Love 7″ I’m Just A Doper (Sick Sounds)
Fire Exit – Time Wall 7″ Time Wall (Timebomb)
Dogs – Go Where You Want To Go 7″ Teenage Forever (Melodies Massacre)
Metal Urbain – Panik 7″ – Panik (Cobra)

Lions Law – A Day Will Come LP Anti-Social (Rebellion)
No Heart – S/T 7″ Scum (Lonshot)
Bishops Green – Back To Our Roots 7″ Trouble (Longshot)
Razorcut – Common Enemy LP Lionheart (Longshot)
Chartbusters – Raise Your Voice

Stretch Marks – Who And What CD Force Fucker (Sounds Escaping)
YYY – Anthology CD Greed
Lose Lose – Kill Or Be Killed CS Kill Or Be Killed
Violent Minds – Eyes Of Death And More LP Brutality (Deranged)

Despair – Visions Of The Inferno
Disaster – Warcry LP ICI/Progress (Tone Deaf)
Disgust – Brutality Of War LP Intro/Mother Earth (Earache)
Disclose – Tragedy 12″ Dying Of Disease (Your Own Jailer)

Mass Grave – The Absurdity Of Humanity LP Fascist (Haunted Hotel)

Generation Annihilation Playlist February 11th 2017.

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Car 87 – Trapped 7″ Suicide

Jerrys Kids – This Is Boston Not LA LP Straight Jacket (Modern Method)
Car 87 – Trapped 7″ Shoot Up And Die
Poison Idea – Pick Your King 7″ Last One/Pure Hate (Fatal Erection)
Dayglo Abortions – Armageddon Survival Guide 12″ Left Handed Nazis (Unrest)

Car 87 – No Hope CD Kick
The Excessives – S/T CD Nothing On Me (Absolute)
AK47 – Garden City 7″ Garden City
Car 87 – No Hope CD Bad Dreams

Car 87 – No Hope CD Reality
Bl’ast – Power Of Expression LP EIB (SST)
Personality Crisis – Discography CD The Advocate (Sounds Escaping)
Stretch Marks – Who And What? CD What D’ya See (Sounds Escaping)

Car 87 – No Hope CD Hate
Dr. Know – Burn 7″ Deprogram (Mystic)
The Freeze – Someone’s Bleeding 7″ Sacrifice Not Suicide (Dr. Strange)

Car 87 – No Hope CD Thursday Night
Car 87 – No Hope CD Ambient
The Fartz – S/T 7″ Iron Fist (Transparent)

Car 87 – No Hope CD Life Slips Through My Hands

Generation Annihilation Playlist January 28th 2017.

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

New Bomb Turks – Destroy Oh Boy LP Sucker Punch (Crypt)

Oi Polloi – Sorosa LP The Face
Oi Polloi – Alive And Kicking CD Let The Boots The Talking (Step 1)
Loikaemie – 3 CD Good Night White Pride (Knockout)
UK Subs – Occupied LP Nazi Cunts (Fallout)
GUS – Progressive Science CD Fuckin’ Nazi (Wrong)

Video Filth – S/T &” Media Games (Nightrider)
Kriegshog – General 7″ General (La Vida Es Un Mus)
S.H.I.T. – S/T 7″ Information (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Rata Negra – Oldo Absoluto 7″ Augus Negra (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Belgrado – Obraz” – Pasaz
Vanity – Don’t Be Shy LP You’ll Never Matter Much To Them (Kotagora Works)

Rixe – S/T 7″ Paris-Est (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Crown Court – Capital Offence LP Blackout (Kotagora Works)
Perkele – No Shame CD The Day Has Come (Blind Beggar)

Konform – Conform And Die CD Gassmassaker (No Just Cause)
Mass Grave -The Absurdity Of Humanity CD Futile Failure/No More
Rat Cage – Caged Like Rats 7″ Pressure Point (La Vida Es Un Mus)