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Generation Annihilation Playlist May 20th 2017.

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

Art Bergmann – What Fresh Hell Is This? CD Contract (Epic)
Young Canadians – No Escape CD Automan (Sudden Death)

Toxic Reasons – Independence LP Mercenary (Beercity)
Personality Crisis – S/T CD The Look (Sounds Escaping)
MDC – Millions Of Dead Cops LP My Family (RRadical)
New Regrets – Confrontation LP Confrontation (FFF)

No Sir I Won’t – The Whole World 12″ Radio Shit (Drunken Sailor)
Last Kaste – 2016 Demo CS Resistance
Cinderblock – Meat Is Murder
Rudimentary Peni – S/T Teenage Time Killer (Outer Himalayan)
The System – The Warfare 7″ Their Corrupting Ways (Spider Leg)

Aggression Pact – Instant Execution 7″ Shame (Painkiller)
Rash – Midnight Crooner 7″ Hatchet (IFB)
Overdose – Crypt Sessions Shellshock
Junta – Har Intet P├Žnt At Aige?.?.?. CS En Maskine
Prisoners By Choice – S/T You’re Sick (INC)

Long Knife – Sewers Of Babylon 7″ Citadel (Beach Impediment)
Candy – S/T CS Alien (Demo)
Car 87 – No Hope CD Self Sabotage

Spectres – Utopia LP Strange Weather (Deranged)

Generation Annihilation Playlist May 13th 2017.

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

Aggression Pact – Instant Execution 7″ Buried And Rotting (Painkiller)
Long Knife – Sewers Of Babylon 7″ Only A Reflection (Beach Impediment)

Cock Sparrer – Forever LP Contender (Pirates Press)
The Ejected – Back From The Dead LP Give Em The Finger (Randale)
UK Subs – Ziezo LP Oligarchy
PMS 84 – Easy Way Out 12″ Ultimate End (Discos Enfermos)
Crown Court – Ruck N Roll 7″ 3 Stretch (Rebellion)
Rixe – Bateme Du Feu 7″ Contamine (La Vida Us En Mus)

Hudson Falcons – S/T 7″ Revolution (Vinyl Revolution)
Hudson Falcons – S/T 7″ 26+6=1 (Headache)
Hudson Falcons – Split w/GC5 CD Rich Kids Can’t Play Rock N Roll (Flat)
Hudson Falcons – Split w/Blood For Blood 7″ Basque In The Moonlight (Flat)
Hudson Falcons – North American Fight Club CD Eucalyptamint (Outsider)
Hudson Falcons – SIngles Collection CD North Shore Bitch (Outsider)

Hudson Falcons – Desperation And Revolution CD Worker Fate (GMM)
Hudson Falcons – For Those Whose Hearts And Souls CD Fallen Heroes (GMM)
Hudson Falcons – Dancing Under The Moonlight CD Don’t Let The Bastards (I Hate People)
Hudson Falcons – Peace Of Mind CD Scared (Ring Of Fire)

Christ Air – Cause Of Death
Beyond Possession – Is Beyond Possession LP Never Nothing New (Death)

Generation Annihilation Playlist May 6th 2017.

Friday, May 12th, 2017

The Dehumanizers – Kill Lou Guzzo 7″ Kill Lou Guzzo (Subcore)

The Dicks – These People LP Off Duty Sailor (Alternative Tentacles)
The Left – It’s The World 7″ Youngster On The Force (Bonafide)
No Means No – Sex Mad LP Revenge (Alternative Tentacles)
Really Red – New Strings For Old Puppets LP Starvation Dance
(Alternative Tentacles)

Aggression Pact – Instant Execution 7″ Ensared (Painkiller)
Fried Egg – Back And Fourth 7″ Half Assed Hand (Beach Impediment)
Long Knife – Sewers Of Babylon 7″ Painting The Night (Beach Impediment)
Pressing On – Future 7″ Future (Deranged)
Career Suicide -Machine Response 12″ Blank Expression (Deranged)
Laughing Boy – Demo 2016 CS Out On The Street

Kroovy Rookers – Older And Cooler CD Another World
Cock Sparrer – Forever LP Somebody’s Brother (Pirates Press)
Beltones – On Deaf Ears CD Fuck You Anyway (TKO)
Hudson Falcons – Desperation And Revolution CD Working Class War
Steelhead – Demo CD Nuts & Bolts

Candy – Lost In My Head CS Lost In My Head (Demo)
Languid – Resist Mental Slaughter 12″ Skeletons Hand

Generation Annihilation Playlist April 29th 2017.

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

DRI – Dealing With It LP I Don’t Need Society (Death)
Toe Tag – S/T LP Run For Cover/Rotting In Sickness (Behind The Mountain)

One Way System – Writing On The Wall LP Reason Why (Anagram)
Infa Riot – Still Out Of Order LP Drug Squad (Secret)
The Partisans – Police Story 7″ Police Story (No Future)
Uproar – Rebel Youth 7″ Victims (Beat The System)
Crux – Keep On Running 7″ Keep On Running (No Future)

Personality Crisis – 1st Demo CD Burning Rain (Sounds Escaping)
Personality Crisis – 2nd Demo CD Waiting (Sounds Escaping)
Personality Crisis – Charred Remains CD Shotgun

Personality Crisis – Creatures For A While LP Mrs. Palmer (Risky)
Personality Crisis – Creatures For A While LP The Advocate (Risky)
Personality Crisis – Creatures For A While LP People In Glass (Risky)
Personality Crisis – Creatures For A While LP Creatures For A While (Risky)
Personality Crisis – Rat Music For Rat People LP Case History (CD Presents)
Personality Crisis – Something To Believe In LP Piss On You (Risky)

Personality Crisis – S/T LP Fashions Running Music (Sounds Escaping)
Personality Crisis – Twilight’s Last Gleaming 7″ The Jam (Overground)