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Generation Annihilation Playlist June 24th 2017.

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Uproar – And Lord Said: Let There Be LP Have A Good Laugh (Beat The System)

Extreme Noise Terror – Earslaughter LP System Shit (Manic Ears)
Mass Grave – The Absurdity Of Humanity LP Onward (Haunted Hotel)
Cloaca – Dysphemism CS Trainmorphs
Last Kaste – 2016 Demo CS Police State
Spectres – Utopia LP Revisions (Deranged)

Sore Points – Demo CS Forget It
Fantasy Lane – Demo 2016 CS Kick In The Ribs
The Rock Band Called Time – Machine CD Came This Way
No Klasse – Demo CS Pogo Punx Beer Brigade

Anti-Social – Made In England 7″ Backstreet Boys (Beat The System)
No Heart – S/T 7″ Scum (Longshot)
PMS 84 – Easy Way Out 12″ Ultimate End (Discos Enfermos)
Hard Pressed – The Way It Is

Phozgene – Demo One Love
Suss Law – S/T 7″ Business As Usual (Distort Reality)
Broken Bones – Decapitated 7″ Decapitated (Fallout)
Legion Of Parasites – We Don’t Want Your Fucking War LP Sea Of Desecration (Mortarhate)
Cyclosarin – Cause We Can CS Sound The Same
Gaasp – Scar Chain CS No Progress

Generation Annihilation Playlist June 17th 2017.

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Middle Class – Out Of Vogue 7″ Out Of Vogue (Joke)

The Dils – 198 Seconds Of 7″ Class War (Dangerhouse)
Avengers – We Are The One 7″ I Believe In Me (Dangerhouse)
The Weirdos – We Got The Neutron Bomb 7″ We Got The Neutron Bomb (Dangerhouse)
Bags – Survive 7″ We Will Bury You (Dangerhouse)
Rhino 39 – S/T 7″ Xerox/No Compromise (Dangerhouse)

Germs – GI LP Land Of Treason (Slash)
Fear – The Record LP We Destroy The Family (Slash)
X – Los Angeles LP Nausea (Slash)
The Blasters – S/T LP Border Radio (Slash)

Black Flag – Louie Louie 7″ Louie Louie (Posh Boy)
Agent Orange – Living In Darkness LP Everything Turns Grey (Posh Boy)
Social Distortion – The Future Looks Brighter LP Moral Threat (Posh Boy)
Crowd – Beach Blvd LP Modern Machine (Posh Boy)
UXA – God Bless America Volume 1 LP Immunity (Posh Boy)

Circle Jerks – Group Sex LP Red Tape (Frontier)
The Adolescents – S/T LP I Hate Children (Frontier)
TSOL – Dance With Me LP Thoughts Of Laughter (Frontier)
Christian Death – Only Theater Of Pain LP Romeo’s Distress (Frontier)
China White – Danger Zone 12″ Danger Zone (Frontier)

Generation Annihilation Playlist June 3rd 2017.

Friday, June 16th, 2017

Los Microwaves – God Bless America Vol 1 LP Time To Get Up (Posh Boy)

The Authorities – Puppy Love LP Godhead (Buckwheat Headlock)
Village People – Renaissance LP Food Fight (RCA)
The Dickies – Stukas Over Disneyland LP Hunchback (Restless)
F – Flipside Vinyl Fanzine LP Attack (Flipside)

Disaxian – The Greatest Outrageous Famine LP Stand Up And Fight
Cinderblock – S/T Disarm
Tosser – Demo CS Crumb
Critarus – Rudio Antisocial 7″ Rudio Antisocial
Obstruction – Demo CS Pressure Breaks
Lubricant – S/T No Power

Lions Share – Demo CS War Boots
Dark Thoughts – S/T LP No More Soul (Stupid Attack)
Sore Points – S/T CS Be Alone
Career Suicide – Machine Response 12″ Borrowed Time (Deranged)

Anti-Nowhere League – Apocalypse Punk Tour 1981 CD We Are The League
Anti-Pasti – Apocalypse Punk Tour 1981 CD Two Years Too Late
Chron-Gen – Apocalypse Punk Tour 1981 CD Change Me
The Exploited – Apocalypse Punk Tour 1981 CD Daily News
Discharge – Apocalypse Punk Tour 1981 CD Decontrol
GBH – Flipside Vinyl Fanzine LP Give Me Fire (Flipside)

Generation Annihilation Playlist May 27th 2017.

Friday, June 16th, 2017

The Asexuals – Be What You Want LP Too Slow (Psyche)
Doughboys – Whatever LP Stranger From Within (Pipeline)

DOA – Murder LP Africana Security (Restless)
The Subhumans – New Dark Age Parade LP Blood Sweat And Beers (Alternative Tentacles)
SNFU – If You Swear You’ll Catch No Fish LP The Ceiling (BYO)
Personality Crisis – S/T CD Tyrants (Sounds Escaping)

Cock Sparrer – Forever LP Every Step Of The Way (Pirates Press)
Chelsea – Traitors Gate LP Be What You Want To Be (Let Them Eat Vinyl)
Chron Gen – Chronic Generation LP Hounds Of The Night (Secret)
UK Subs – Ziezo LP I Don’t Care
UK Subs – Live At Roxy LP Lady Esquire (Get Back)

Petite – S/T Reserve
Lose Lose – Demo 2016 CS Kill Or Be Killed
Kroovy Rookers – Older And Colder CD Spinning Wheels
Car 87 – No Hope CD No Hope

Phozgene – Demo CS Phozgene
Phozgene- Demo CS Future
Suss Law – S/T 7″ Bad Animal (Distort Reality)