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Generation Annihilation Playlist March 17th 2018.

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

Candy – Demo 2017 CS Lost in my Head

Riptides – Canadian Graffiti CD I Couldn’t Care Less
Barbed Wire Braces – Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock Vol 1 CD Brainwashed (Smash The Discos)
Neighborhood Watch – Now Hiring 7″ Want to Be Lied To (Vinyl Communication)
Angry Samoans – Return to Samoa LP Time to Fuck (Shakin’ Street)

Dadbrawl – Demo CS Relapse
Wasted Breath – Demo 2016 CS Wasted Breath
Backbite – Choking on Life CS Choking
Trust Issues – Finding Peace in the Darkness CD Abandon

TSOL – S/T 12″ No Way Out (Posh Boy)
GBH – The Clay Years 1981-1984 CD Catch 23 (Clay)
Hardsell – Subculture Criminals CD Suzie Brass Knuckles (Rebellion)
Coldside – Fuck Your System CD Ready for War (Rebellion)

House Of Commons – Undergrowth 85 CS Here Today Gone Tomorrow (Undergrowth)
GrimSkunk – Unreason in the Age of Madness CD Let’s Start a War
Phane – 10 Charged Trax 12″ Pissed Up (Thought Decay)
Total Massacre – Riot Ready presents Agents of Oppression CD The Dumpster is a Country (Riot Ready)

Descendents – Two Things at Once CD I’m Not a Punk (SST)
7 Seconds Walk Together Rock Together LP In Your Face (BYO)
Death Sentence – 1984 Demo CS Real World (Demo)
Dropkick Murphys – The Warrior’s Code CD I’m Shipping Off to Boston (Hellcat)

Curious George – Children of a Common Mother LP Punks Go Camping (Nemesis)

Generation Annihilation Playlist March 10th 2018.

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Buzzcocks – In A Different Kitchen LP Love Battery (United Artists)

Car 87 – Split W/Potbelly 7″ Enemy (Pig)
Submachine – Split w/Kicker 7″ Hope/Rope (Inimical)
Poison Idea – Legacy Of Dysfunction CD Laughing Boy (American Leather)
Fartz – S/T 7″ Gotta Brain (Transparent)
Polluted Brain – Demo CS Damaged Goods (Rat Rat Rat)
Hüsker Dü – Extra Circus CD Is Today The Day? (Numero Group)

The Brass – 2018 Sampler CD Living Like A Rat
No Heart – Split W/The Opposition LP This Town (Longshot)
Off The Clock – Hell To Pay CD Like You
Syndrome 81 – Beton Nostagie CS Contre Vents Et Marées (Thrashzone)

End Result – What Path Will You Sustain? CD Aimless Games
Cinderblock – S/T CD Never Surrender
Despair – Visions Of The Inferno 12″ Dying In Agony (Brain Damage)
Inepsy – The Lost Tapes CS Fuck The Power And Glory (Runstate)

Mass Grave – Our Due Decent 12″ Escape This Hell (Unrest)
Jarada – S/T CS Die Alone
SS Block – Bring Back Shit CS
Vile Gash – Nightmare In A Damaged Brain LP Nightmare In A Damaged Brain (Youth Attack)
Body Bags – 2018 Demo CS Body Bags
Misery – The Beginning LP Armageddon (Inimical)

Motorastola – S/T 7″ No Law In The Wasteland (Toe Cutter)

Generation Annihilation Playlist March 3rd 2018.

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

Guilt Parade – Coprophobia LP Yen For Zen (Fringe)
Random Killing – This Whole World 12″ Kill Your Parents (Aardvark)

The Fits – The Last Laugh 7″ The Last Laugh (Rondelet)
Chaotic Youth – Sad Society 7″ Arms Race (Beat The System)
The Insane – El Salvador 7″ El Salvador (No Future)
Death Sentence – Death And Pure Destruction 7″ Death And Pure Destruction (Beat The System)

Honey Bane – Girl On The Run 7″ Girl On The Run (Crass)
Dirt – Object Refuse Reject Abuse 7″ Anti-War (Crass)
The Violators – Die With Dignity 12″ Die With Dignity (No Future)
Libotage – Crime And Passion 12″ Crime And Passion (EMI)
Vice Squad – Black Sheep 12″ New Blood (Anagram)

Hüsker Dü – Extra Circus CD You Think I’m Scared (Numero Group)
The Fix – Jan’s Room 7″ Off To War (Touch An Go)
Negative Approach – S/T 7″ Nothing (Touch And Go)
Necros – Conquest For Death LP No One (Touch And Go)
Toxic Reasons – Independence LP How Do You Feel? (Beer City)

Asocial – Det Bittra Slute 7″ Revolt (Dis)
Crude SS – Who’ll Survive 7″ Who’ll Survive (Uproar)
Disattack – A Bomb Drops 7″ The Next Attack
Doom – Police Bastard 7″ Police Bastard (Profane Existence)

Generation Annihilation Playlist February 24th 2018.

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Subhumas – Demolition War 7″ Parasites (Spider Leg)
Culture Shock – Attention Span LP Sky High (Alternative Tentacles)

Car 87 – Split W/Potbelly 7″ Thursday (Pig)
Poison Idea – Pick Your King 7″ In My Headache (Fatal Erection)
Hüsker Dü – Extra Circus CD Heavy Handed (Numero Group)
The Stains – S/T LP Sick And Crazy (SST)
Steelhead – Enemy In Blue CD Enemy In Blue
Smut – Tour Tape CS Sweat
Chain Whip – How Many Chances/These Eyes
Potbelly – Split W/Car 87 7″ I Love Star Wars (Pig)

Syndrome 81 – Béton Nostalgie CS Pas Besoin De Toi (Thrash Zone)
Blitz – Blitzed LP I don’t Need You (Syndicate)
Rixe – Tour Tape CS La Clé (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Criminal Damage – S/T LP The Power Of Fools (Feral Ward)

Inepsy – The Lost Tracks CS March Of The System (Runstate)
Anti-Cimex – Scandinavian Jawbreaker LP Braincell Battle (Discipline)
Bastard – Wind Of Pain LP Wind Of Pain
Man Destroys – 6 Song EP CS Aftermath

Chips Ov Oi! – Make Pogo Great Again CS Great Again
Languid – No Solace In The Future’s Void 7″ Oblivion (D-Takt & Råpunk)