Generation Annihilation Playlist April 13th 2013

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The Exploited – Lets Start A War CD Lets Start A War (Captain Oi!)

Rapid Loss – S/T 12 ” Dreams/Nightmare
Iron Reagan – Worse Then Dead CD Eat Shit And Live (A389)
Violent Future – S/T 7″ Street Prowler (Slasher)
Primitive Pact – End Of The World CS No Self Choice

Drongos For Europe – Dance When Maggie’s Dead 7″ Dance When Maggie’s Dead
The Exploited – Horror Epics CD Maggie (Combat)
Anti Pasti – The Last Call LP No Government (Get Back)
Angelic Upstarts – The Singles LP Women In Disguise (Get Back)

The Larks – Pain In The Neck 7″ Maggie Maggie Maggie (Exaltation)
Crass – Best Before 1984 CD Seep Farming In The Falklands (Crass)
The Insane – The Punk Collection CD Politics (Captain Oi!)

Hard Skin – Same Meat Different Gravy LP Still Fighting Thatcher (TKO)
The Gonads – The Son Of Oi! LP Jobs Not Jails (Link)
Ripcord – The Damage Is Done 7″ Thatchula (Raging)
The Varukers – Massacred Millions CD Thatchers Fortress (Captain Oi!)
Los Bastardos – S/T 7″ Fuck You Margaret Thatcher
Andy T – I Still Hate Thatcher 7″ I Still Hate Thatcher (1in12)
Dead Kennedys – Wargasm LP Kinky Sex Makes The World Go Around (Pax)

Kremelin – S/T LP Fanatics (Beach Impediment)