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    13651686829 / 13916324191


    ҵ绰021-5950 6099
    ҵϵһ136 5168 6829    
    ҵϵ139 1632 4191 
    Q Q 2355554585




    Corporate Profiles
    Shenzhen Nai Mei Te Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is an equipment manufacturer dedicate to developing automatic and overall daring solution to drying curing, UV curing, coating and spraying and etc.
    Founded in 2001, the company is a general taxpayer enterprises. Based in Baoan district of Shenzhen city, the geographical position of headquarter is superior. Its subsidiaries including Shenzhen Nai Mei Te Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai branch, Shenzhen Nai Mei Te Industiral Equipment Co., Ltd. Changan, Dongguan branch and Beijing Nai Mei Te Drying Technology Co.,Ltd.. The headquarter in Shenzhen and the branch in Changan district of Dongguan city have R&D and designing center, and the barnch in Shanghai and Changan district of Dongguan city have production base. After a decades of fighting, the company has developed into an enterprise with 2000-square-meters production plants and more than 200 employees, among which there are 5 senior engineers, more than 30 engineer technician and a group of experienced and professional installing, debugging and afer-sales service teams. With a wide range of advanced production equipment, strong production capacity and a group of professional and technical personnel, the company developed self design, production and sales as one, dedicating to providing first-class equipment and after-sales service. 
    The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, CE certification and etc. With clients cross all walks of life in industrial manufacturing, products are exported to all parts of the country and far sold to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and etc. Upholding the business objectives of pursuing honesty and sticking to integrity, build up top brand in drying equipment, we strive to become a leading company in automatic-drying industry with honesty and integrity.


    ҵ绰021-5950 6099-8002
    ҵϵһ136 5168 6829    
    ҵϵ139 1632 4191 

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