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Generation Annihilation Playlist October 7th 2017.

Monday, October 9th, 2017

The Exploited – The Massacre LP The Massacre (Rough Justice)

GBH – City Baby Attacked By Rats LP Gunned Down (Clay)
The Accused – Grinning Like An Undertaker LP Bullet Ridden Bodies (Rough Justice)
Circle Jerks – Golden Shower Of Hits LP Under The Gun (Lax)
DI – Team Goon LP I Like Guns (XXX)

Barbed Wire Braces – Brace Yourself 7″ Brainwashed (Bald Punk Music)
Phane – 10 Charged Trax 12″ Liar (Thought Decay)
Anti-System – At What Price Is Freedom? 12″ False Flag Media (Boss Tuneage)
Criminal Justice – Complete Collection LP Intro/Lebanese Lifestyle (Vomito Punk Rock)
Languid – Resist Mental Slaughter 12″ Resist Mental Slaughter

R.I.P – No Te Mueuag! LP Ultima Generacion (Guns Of Brixton)
Koratu – S/T LP Don Vito
Decibelios – OI! LP Kaos (DRO)
Eskorbuto – Anti-Todo LP Historia Triste (B-Core)

Zellots – S/T 7″ On The Dole (Supreme Echo)
Dishrags – Three LP Love Is Shit (Supreme Echo)
Plasmatics – Stand By Your Man 7″ Stand By Your Man (Valkyre)
Macho Boys – S/T 12″ No Thanks (Neck Chop)

Sore Points – S/T 7″ Be Alone (Hosehead)

Generation Annihilation Playlist September 23rd 2017.

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

GBH – Momentum LP Fifty What? (Hellcat)
Peter And The Tube Babies – The Shallot LP Crap California Band (Arising Empire)

The Ejected – Game Of Survival LP Alien Abduction (Randale)
Riot Squad – Riots In The City 7″ Why Should We (Rondelet)
Soldier Dolls – A Taste Of Blood 7″ Iron Curtain (Scream!)
The Straps – The Punk Collection CD Police News (Captain Oi!)

Fang – Rise Up! CD This Means War (Die Laughing)
Anti-Nowhwhere League – This Is War 7″ This Is War (Papagáj?v Hlasatel)
Macho Boys – S/T LP Stone Cold (Neck Chop)
Obscene Being – Rot And Decay CD Register Today

Tightlip – MMXVII CS Pushed Around
Durs Coeurs – Dur Dur Dur 12″ Resgine Tois (Discos MMM)
Headsplitters – Unjust Cycle CS Severed Hand
Subversive Rite – The Demos LP Big Brother (Bloody Masters)
Remnants – Accomplices Not Allies LP Toy Soldier (Discos MMM)

Pura Mania – Cerebros Punk” – Grandes Esperanzas (Cvrecs)
Spectres -Visions Of A New World 7″ Complications (A Whisper In Darkness)
Limpwrist – Facades LP Como Vos (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Sterile Mind – Lift The Mask LP Transmission/Laid To Rest (Sabotage)

Corrosion Of Conformity – Eye For An Eye LP Tell Me (Toxic Shock)

Generation Annihilation Playlist September 16th 2017.

Monday, September 25th, 2017

Iggy Pop – Repo Man LP Repo Man (San Andreas)
Circle Jerks – Golden Shower Of Hits LP Coup Det Tat (Lax)

Hüsker Dü – Savage Young Dü CD Do You Remember? (Numero Group)
Hüsker Dü -The Truth Hurts LP Let’s Go Die (Big Dipper)
Hüsker Dü – Statues 7″ Statues (Reflex)

Hüsker Dü – Land Speed Record LP All Tensed Up (New Alliance)
Hüsker Dü – Charred Remains CS Bricklayer (Noise)
Hüsker Dü – In A Free Land 7″ In A Free Land (New Alliance)
Hüsker Dü – Everything Falls Apart LP Blah Blah Blah (Reflex)

Hüsker Dü – Metal Circus 12″ Real World (SST)
Hüsker Dü – Metal Circus 12″ It’s Not Funny Anymore (SST)
Hüsker Dü – Zen Arcade LP Never Talking To You (SST)
Hüsker Dü – Zen Arcade LP Beyond The Threshold (SST)
Hüsker Dü – Zen Arcade LP I Will Never Forget You (SST)

Hüsker Dü – New Day Rising LP The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill (SST)
Hüsker Dü – 8 Miles High 7″ 8 Miles High (SST)
Hüsker Dü – Flip Your Wig LP Green Eyes (SST)

Hüsker Dü – Candy Apple Grey LP I Don’t Wanna Know If You’re Lonely (Warner Brothers)

Generation Annihilation Playlist September 9th 2017.

Friday, September 15th, 2017

Subhumans – 29:29 Split Vision LP Think For Yourself (Bluurg)
Citizen Fish – Millenia Madness LP Backlash (Lookout)

Oxymoron – Fuck The 90’s LP Hey You (Knockout)
Wretched Ones – Go To Work CD Mind Your Own Business (Headache)
US Bombs – Warbirth LP Warbirth (Hellcat)
Bonecrusher – Working For Nothing CD Running Scared (Hostage)

Macho Boys – S/T 12″ Dinosaur (Neck Chop)
Subversive Rite – The Demo 12″ Idols For Sale (Bloody Masters)
Exit Order – Seed Of Hysteria 12″ Still Water (La Vida Un Es Mus)
Grit – S/T 7″ Back Up Loader (Visions Of Warning)
Alien Boys – Self Critical Theory CD Just Another Piece Of Acid

Chow-Line – Demo 2 CS Intro/Socialized
Aggression Pact – Instant Execution 7″ Ruptured Thoughts (Pain Killer)
Sick Ritual – My Problem
Obscene Being – Rot And Decay CD Working Or Dead

Glassed – Demo CS Your Choice
Glassed – Demo CS Judge Bastard
Glassed – Demo CS Cold N Dead
Glassed – Demo CS Antisocial

Asomvel – World Shaker

Generation Annihilation Playlist August 26th 2017.

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Descendents – Milo Goes To College LP Myage (SST)
The Forgotten Rebels – This Aint Hollywood LP This Aint Hollywood (Star)

Misfits – Evilive LP We Are 138 (Plan 9)
Black Flag – Slip It In LP Wound Up (SST)
Dead Boys – We Have Come For Your Children LP Catholic Boy (Sire)
Naked Raygun – All Rise LP Those Who Move (Momentum)

GBH – Momentum CD Momentum (Hellcat)
Drongos For Europe – Barcode Generation CD Spirit Bomb (Puke And Vomit)
Discharge – End Of Days LP False Flag Entertainment (Nuclear Blast)
UK Subs – Bremen 82 LP Holy Land (French Connection)

Off The Clock – Hell To Pay
The Enforcers – S/T CD Alt-Right Nightmare
Remnants – Accomplices Not Alliances LP Got No Use (Discos MMM)
PMS 84 – Easy Way Out 12″ Guillotine (Discos Enfermos)

Dogs Blood – Demo CS Disease Freak
Enemies – Summer Promo CD Petty
Durs Coeurs – Dur Dur Dur 12″ Mesonges (Discos MMM)
Limp Wrist – Facades LP Thick Skin (La Vida Es Un Mus)

Alement – The Hunter 7″ Bound (Ryvvolte)

Generation Annihilation Playlist August 19th 2017.

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

Art Bergman – Remember Her Name LP American Wife (Paper Bag)

Aus Rotten – Fuck Nazi Sympathy 7″ Fuck Nazi Sympathy (Havoc)
The Fartz – Because This World Still Fucking Stinks LP Take A Stand Against The Klan (Alternative Tentacles)
The Kids – S/T LP Do You Love The Nazi’s (Havoc)
The Dicks – 1980 – 1986 CD I Aint No Nazi Friend (Alternative Tentacles)
Curious George – Children Of A Common Mother LP Canadian National Front (Nemesis)

The Forgotten Rebels – In Love With The System LP In Love With The System (Star)
Fashionism – Back In The Day 7″ One Shot (Neon Taste)
Sore Points – Don’t Want To 7″ Don’t Want To (Hosehead)
Cock Sparrer – One By One LP Contender

Civilised Society? – Violence Sucks LP Violence Sucks (Manic Ears)
Generic – Split w/Electro Hippies LP Go For It (Flat Earth)
Heresy – 1985-1987 LP Deathbiter (Boss Tuneage)
Electro Hippies – Split W/Generic LP Run Ronald (Flat Earth)
The Stupids – Peruvian Vacation LP This Is The Norm (COR)

Fatal Error – Party Animal LP No Clone (Mystic)
America’s Hardcore – Party Animal LP AHC (Mystic)
Justice League – Party Animal LP Attitude (Mystic)
Sacred Cows – Party Animal LP Wasteland (Mystic)

DOA – Hard Rain Falling CD Racism Sucks (Sudden Death)

Generation Annihilation Playlist August 12th 2017.

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Peter And The Test Tube Babies – Banned From The Pubs 7″ Banned From The Pubs (No Future)
UK Subs – Warhead 7″ Warhead (Gem)

Antidote – Go Pogo LP State Money (Charged)
Obscene Being – Rot And Decay CD Litterbug
The Virus – System Failure LP What Do You Want? (Voltage)
Riot 99 – Destroy The City 7″ Start A Riot
Action – S/T LP Rise (Punkcore)

Alien Boys – Self Critical Theory CD Anthem
Limp Wrist – Facades LP They Tell Me (La Vida Es Un Mun)
Sterile Mind – Lift The Mask LP Sterile Mind (Sabotage)
Negativ – Automatic Thoughts 7″ N.A.T. (Discos MMM)

Napalm Raid – Wheel Of War LP Wheels Of War
Concrete Sox – Silence 7″ Silence (Blind Destruction)
The Varukers – Damned And Defiant
Impalers – Cellar Dweller LP Cellar Dweller/Future Officer (540 Records)

Hot Freaks – Demo 2017 CS Nightstick
Genetic Control – First Impressions CD Love Rat (Lost And Found)
School Jerks – S/T LP Why Ask Why (Grave Mistake)
Career Suicide – Machine Response 12″ Distractions (Deranged)

Languid – Resist Mental Slaughter 12″ Silence

Generation Annihilation Playlist July 22nd 2017.

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Anti-Sect – In Darkness There Is No Choice LP Channel Zero Reality (Southern)

Conflict – It’s Time To See Who’s Who LP Bullshit Broadcast (Mortarhate)
Flux Of Pink Indians – Strive To Survive LP They Lie We Die (Spider Leg)
Icons Of Filth – Onward Christian Soldiers LP Sod The Children (Mortarhate)
Sub Hum Ans – The Day The Country Died LP I Don’t Wanna Die (Spiderleg)
The Instigators – Nobody Listens Anymore LP In One Ear/Dine Upon The Dead (Bluurg)

Alement – The Hunter” – The Hunter (Ryyvolte)
Tau Cross – Pillar Of Fire CD Raising Golem (Relapse)
Bat – Wings Of Change 12″ Bloodhounds (Hells Headbangers)
The Impalers – Cellar Dweller LP Secret Beach (Static Shock)
Toe Tag “S/T” – Looks Like Shit

Alien Boys – Self Critical Theory CS Gentrification
Subversive Rite – The Demos LP Feed The Beast (Bloody Masters)
Exit Order – Seeds Of Hysteria 12″ Clear The Dust (La Vida Un Es Mus)
Parasytes – Split W/Secta 7″ Reckless (Discos MMM)

Anti-Social – Official Hooligan 7″ Official Hooligan (Evil)
The Lancasters – 2000-2005 LP Burn The Bastards (Longshot)
Cocksparrer – Forever LP Believe (Pirates Press)

Durs Coeurs – Dur Dur Dur 12″ Chateau De Cartes (Discos MMM)

Generation Annihilation Playlist July 15th 2017.

Friday, July 21st, 2017

Dead Kennedys – Plastic Surgery Disasters LP Forest Fire (Alternative Tentacles)
YYY – Sin 12″ Fire In The Rain (Fringe)

Chelsea – Evacuate LP Evacuate (IRS)
Cocksparrer – Forever LP In My Town (Pirates Press)
Newtown Neurotics – Beggars Can Be Choosers LP Does Anyone Know Where The March is? (Radiation)
Red London – Days Like These LP Saturday Sunday (Knockout)

Anti-Social – Official Hooligan 7″ Sewer Rat (Runnin’ Riot)
PMS 84 – Easy Way Out 12″ Meat (Discos Enfermos)
Chips Ov Oi! – S/T CS Pogo In The Welfare Line
Remnants – Accomplices Not Allies 12″ Get Back Here (Discos MMM)
The Lancasters – 2005-2010 LP Mental Breakdown (Longshot)

Joe Biden – 187 On The Pigs CS An Open Letter To The Head Of State
Tarantula – Weird Tales Of Radiation And Hate CS Oozing Skull
Languid – Resist Mental Slaughter 12″ Useless Life
Subversive Rite – The Demos LP Subversive Rite (Bloody Masters)

Grit – S/T 7″ Concrete Sea (Visions Of Warning)
Exit Stance – Seeds Of Hysteria 12″ Seeds Of Hysteria (La Vida Un Es Mus)
Chin Chin – We Don’t Wanna Be Prisoners 7″ Worlds Burning (Mississippi)
Arctic Flowers -Split W/Infinite Void 7″ The Fool (Poison City)

The Brass – Desperation 7″ American Order (Sydney Town)

Generation Annihilation Playlist June 24th 2017.

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Uproar – And Lord Said: Let There Be LP Have A Good Laugh (Beat The System)

Extreme Noise Terror – Earslaughter LP System Shit (Manic Ears)
Mass Grave – The Absurdity Of Humanity LP Onward (Haunted Hotel)
Cloaca – Dysphemism CS Trainmorphs
Last Kaste – 2016 Demo CS Police State
Spectres – Utopia LP Revisions (Deranged)

Sore Points – Demo CS Forget It
Fantasy Lane – Demo 2016 CS Kick In The Ribs
The Rock Band Called Time – Machine CD Came This Way
No Klasse – Demo CS Pogo Punx Beer Brigade

Anti-Social – Made In England 7″ Backstreet Boys (Beat The System)
No Heart – S/T 7″ Scum (Longshot)
PMS 84 – Easy Way Out 12″ Ultimate End (Discos Enfermos)
Hard Pressed – The Way It Is

Phozgene – Demo One Love
Suss Law – S/T 7″ Business As Usual (Distort Reality)
Broken Bones – Decapitated 7″ Decapitated (Fallout)
Legion Of Parasites – We Don’t Want Your Fucking War LP Sea Of Desecration (Mortarhate)
Cyclosarin – Cause We Can CS Sound The Same
Gaasp – Scar Chain CS No Progress