Generation Annihilation April 26th 2014.

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Dead Kennedys – A Skateboard Party LP Trust Your Mechanic (Starving Missile)

The Damned – Machine Gun Etiquette CD Machine Gun Etiquette (Chiswick)
UK Subs -Brand New Age CD Brand New Age (Captain Oi!)
Angelic Upstarts – Teenage Warning CD Teenage Warning (Captain Oi!)

Middle Class – Out Of Vogue 7″ Out Of Vogue (Frontier)
HOC – Live At John Barleys CD Way Down South/Psycho
Fear – The Fear Record LP I Love Living In The City (The End)
Zero Boys – Third Strike

Car 87 – Mirrors 7″ Trapped
AK 47 – Garden Songs CD Season Of Death
Kroovey Rookers – Mirrors 7″ Refuse To Lose
The Excessives – Split w/Class Of 1984 7″ Straight Up (Bullit)
Snøb – S/T 7″ What Fucking Problem (Mata La Musica Discos )

Siren Songs – Paint By Numbers CS 4th Fret
Cringer – Karin 7″ Cocktail Molotov (Lookout)
Jawbreaker – Bivouac LP PS New York Is Burning (Blackball)
Criminal Code – No Device 12″ Flagstone (Deranged)
Naked Raygun – Understand LP Hips Swinging (Caroline)