Generation Annihilation November 11th 2017.

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Bishops Green – S/T 12″ The Crow (Rebellion)
Cocksparrer – Forever LP I’ll Be There (Pirates Press)

4-Skins – The Good The Bad And The 4-Skins LP Remembrance Day (Secret)
Disorder – Perdition 12″ Remembrance Day (Disorder)
The A-Heads – Forgotten Hero 12″ – Forgotten Hero (Spider Leg)
4-Skins – A Fistful Of 4-Skins LP Forgotten Hero (Link)
The Enemy – Fallen Hero 7″ Fallen Hero (Fallout)

Blitzkrieg – Lest We Forget Lest We Forget (No Future)
Riot-99 — Last Train To Nowhere CD What Are they Fighting For? (Longshot)
The Exploited – Army Life 7″ Army Life (Secret)
Raw Power – Screams From The Gutter LP Army (Toxic Shock)

DOA – War On 45 LP War (Alternative Tentacles)
Ripcord – Defiance Of Power LP Lucky Ones (Manic Ears)
The Smarties – Whole Bunch Of Weirdos LP Battlefields (BYO)
The Unwanted – Something To Believe In LP Tanks Keep Rolling (BYO)

Bonecrusher – Sights On Today 7″ Won’t Die For You (Longshot)