Generation Annihilation Playlist March 21st 2015.

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Chelsea – Evacuate LP Looks Right (IRS)
UK Subs – Yellow Leader CD 611 (Captain Oi!)

The Ejected – Dead Man Walking
The Dark – On The Wires 7″ On The Wires (Fresh)
The Wall – Personal Troubles And Public Issues LP Fight The Fright (Fresh)
UK Subs – Yellow Leader CD Bordeaux Red (Captain Oi!)

Legal Weapon – Death Of Innocence LP Future Heat (Arsenal)
Sin 34 – Do You Feel Safe? 12″ Do You Feel Safe? (Sinister Torch)
Bags – All Bagged Up LP Babylonian Gorgon (Artifix)
The Avengers – Zero Hour LP Uh-Oh (Get Back)
X – Los Angeles CD I’m Coming Over (Slash)

Vacant State – Chains 7″ Not The Same (Hardware)
Violent Reaction – Marching On LP War (Revelation)
Nazi Dust – S/T 7″ Hatred And Sacrifice
Wild Mohicans – S/T 7″ Police Violence

Life Chain – No Laughter 7″
Blockhead – Demo 2015 CS Death Shake
Kroovy Rookers – Better Than A Kick In The Yarbles 7″ What Can I Say
King Humungus – S/T CD Death Of The Nightrider

Twisted Sister – Under The Blade LP Under The Blade (Secret)