Generation Annihilation Playlist April 14th 2012

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Deathreat – Consider It War LP Since Day One (Partners In Crime)

Lama – S/T LP Hellot (Svart)
Wretched – P.E.A.C.E. CD Mai Arrendersi (New Red Archives)
Crashbox – Nel Cuore LP Destino (TVOR)
Contrapetere – Nessune Speranre Nessuno Paure LP Rovine (Gonna Puke Retro)
Deskonocidos – En La Oscuridad LP Suicida (Trabuc)

Oust – 6 Mob 7 Trax CS Exclavos Del Sueldo/Total Fucking Grid (Demo)
Bersicker – S/T CD Hi-Def Death/100 Days Of Bombs (Demo)
Vicious Pleasure – S/T CS Spoiled Rotten (Demo)
Sickoids – S/T CD My Curse (Self Released)

Mass Grave – S/T LP Alive And Thriving (Haunted Hotel)
Haggatha – S/T LP Acquiesce (Self Released)
Chuck Norris – S/T 7″ Pick Up Your Skate (Charged//Distorted)

No Problem – And Now This LP Isn’t This Fun? (Deranged)
The Subhumans – Incorrect Thoughts LP Death To The Sickoids (CD Presents)
Disturd – Isolation… 7″ Isolate (Black Water)

Antisect Leeds 2 4 86 LP Out From The Void II (Anti-Society)
Antisect – Out From The Void 7″ Out From The Void (Endangered Music)