Generation Annihilation Playlist April 30th 2016.

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Spectres – Utopia LP Figures In The Sand (Deranged)
Harassment – Basement Tales 7″ Depression Song

Buzzcocks – Spiral Scratch 7″ Breakdown (New Hormones)
Buzzcocks – The Way LP The Way (1-2-3-4-Go!)
Leyton Buzzards – Saturday Night Between The Plastic Palm Trees 7″ Through With You (Chrysalis)
The Jerks – Jerk Off! LP We Hate You (Overground)
The Depressions – S/T LP Street Attack (Beat Generation)

Mau Maus – Fear No Evil LP Step Across The Border (VPR)
The Samples – Demos And Singles 81/82 LP Maybe Tomorrow (PHR)
The Underdogs – The Punk Demos LP Boys Will Be Boys (Comon People)
Infa Riot – Still Out Of Order CD The Drug Squad (Captain Oi!)

Vile Display Of Humainty – You Can’t Escape
Filth Hound – On The Loose CS The Whip
Inepsy – Invading City Weapons LP Bombshell Rock! (Feral Ward)
Proxy – Tour EP 7″ Fine Wine

Green Beret – Standing At The Mouth Of Hell 12″ – Overthrow (Side Two)
Blood Pressure -Need To Control 12″ Need To Control (Beach Impediment)
Warwound – A Huge Black Cloud LP Yopper Boy (Profane Existence)

The Lancasters – Alexander And Gore CD Why Don’t You (Longshot)