Generation Annihilation Playlist April 3rd 2016.

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Strain – Driven 7″ Second Coming (Heart First)
Strain – Cataract 7″ Cataract (Heart First)

Spectres -Utopia LP New Buildings
Christian Death – Theatre Of Pain LP Romeo’s Distress (Frontier)
Fleshcloud – S/T CS Inside Yer Mind
Exit Dust – Demo CS A Call In Dust

Droidz “S/T” – Fall Of Peace
Last Kaste – S/T CS Suffering (Thought Decay)
Primitive Pact – Acid Rain CS Podrio
Rotten UK – Batshit Crazy 7″ Broken Coffins (Disillusioned)

The Freeze – Someone’s Bleeding 7″ Someone’s Bleeding (Dr. Strange)
Battalion Of Saints – Death R US CD My Minds Disease (Taang)
Code Of Honor – Complete Studio Recordings CD I Killed The Dove (Subterranean)
Bad Bosture – GDMFSOB CD FTW (Grand Theft Audio)

Urban Savage – S/T 7″ In Those Nights (Savage)
Sunshine Ward – Order 7″ Disillusion (Feral Ward)
Eastern Bloc 2015 Demo CS Nightmares
Commando “Come Out Fighting” – Grey Out Now

Mass Grave – People Are The Problem 12″ People Are The Problem (Unrest)
Mass Grave – Splt W/Stormcrow LP Corruption Mind Control (No Options)