Generation Annihilation Playlist April 4th 2015.

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04 04 2015

Propaghandi – Supporting Caste CD Human[e] Meat

The Real McKenzies – Rats in Burlap CD Midnight Train to Moscow
The Dead City Rebels – Rock ‘n Roll Enemy Number 1 CD Don’t You be
Knucklehead – Cold Civil War 7″ Cold Civil War
The Brat Attack – Destruction Sound System CD Tomorrow’s Generation

Complaint – We’re Right, You’re Wrong LP Shadowalkers
Vanity – Vain in Life LP You Don’t Know
Last Crusade – S/T CD You Don’t Know
Bishops Green – A Chance to Change LP Ship to Shore

Terveet Kadet – Lapin Helvitti CD Bruraali
Perti Kurikan Minipaivat – Aina Mun Pitaa 7″ Aina Mun Pitaa
Mellakka – R.I.P. LP Kirous
Rattus – S/T LP Hyva Suoumi
Riistetyt – HC Revival Poliisvaltio
Uutuus – Everything’s Shit 7″ Riistajat

Adolescents – La Vendetta…LP Thirty Seconds to Malibou
Chachi on Acid – A Group of Fans Will Follow Your Philosophy CD Billie Holiday in Cambodia
Coldside – Outcasts, Thugs and Outsiders CD Siege
Old Man Strength – S/T 7″ A Toast

Dead Kennedys -Original Singles Collection CD Moral Majority
Stretch Marks – What D’ya See LP Family Affair
Personality Crisis – Creatures for Awhile LP People in Glass

Descendents – Merican CD I Quit