Generation Annihilation Playlist April 9th 2011.

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Eddie And The Hot Rods, Teenage Depression CD, Get Across To You (Captain Oi!)

The Mutated Earthlings – ST CD, Skateboarding Blind (Absolute Underground)
DOA – Murder LP, Afrikana security (Restless)
Dayglo Abortions – Feed Us A Fetus LP, Arg Fuck Kill (Fringe)
Circle The Wagons – Forbidden To Eat Worms CD, Robot Impurity (Black Bananna)
Off! – First Four EPs CD, Upside Down (Vice)
No Problem – Your Eyes 7”, Gimmie Reasons (Handsome Dan)

Disable – Split W/Warviktims 7”, In The Name Of Humanity (Charged//Distorted)
Raw War – Population Control 7”, Population Control (Self Released)
Warvictims – Split W/Disable 7”, Take Control (Charged//Distorted)
Napalm Raid – Corruption LP, Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (Rust And Machine)
Desperate Hours – The Ironies Of Life Continue 7”, The Ironies Of Life Continue (Konton Crestler)

Bellocose Minds – S/T 7” (A Whisper In Darkness)
The Estranged – The Subliminal Set LP, Lunacy (New Dark Age)
Chin Chin – Sound Of The Westway LP, Why Am I So Lonely (Mississippi)
No Hope For The Kids – S/T LP, No Hope For The Kids (Kick N Punch)

Mundo Murto – Queasko! LP, Esperando (Self Released)
Eskoburto – Anti Todo LP, Anti Todo (B-Core)
Nerveskade – S/T LP (Black Water)
The Restarts – Slumworld CD, Big Rock Candy Mounatin (Active)