Generation Annihilation Playlist April 9th 2016.

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Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression LP Sunday (Rekords Rekords)

Radio Birdman – Radio’s Appear LP What Gives? (Trafalgar)
The Gagged -Trainwreck CD Do The Pop
Buzzcocks – The Way LP It’s Not Me
Sheer Mag – III 7″ Can’t Stop Fighting

The Spectres -Utopia LP Strange Weather (Deranged)
Killing Joke – Turn To Red 10″ Turn To Red (Malicious Damage)
Killing Joke – Ha 10″ Psyche (Virgin)
Tau Cross – S/T CD Fire In The Sky (Relapse)

The Ejected – Back From The Dead LP Cops Are Coming (Randale)
Sex Face – Village Life 7″ Step Into Oblivion (Distort Reality)
PMS 84 – Demo CS Boots Keep Laughing
Wartribe – Demo Cuts CS Collateral Waste
Dogsbody – Live Rehearsal CS Controlled From Birth

Enamel – Demo CS Nothing
Entirely Distorted – It Came From The Pit LP Abstinence (Psyche)
Count Down Zero – It Came From The Pit LP Count Down Zero (Psyche)