Generation Annihilation Playlist August 11th 2012.

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Infest – Slave LP Pickled, LP

The Authorities – Soundtrack For Trouble 7″ Radiation Masturbation
Alternate Action – Tough Times 10″ Waste Of Time
Chapter 16 – Taken For Granted 7″ For Granted
No Problem – And Now This LP Most Days
GBH – City Baby Attacked By Rats LP I Am The Hunted

Skabiis – Split w/ Up In Smoke CS Seven Year Itch/Force Of Habit
Koszmar – Polska Dupa CS Nigdy
Hoopsnake – Knucklehead LP Weed Fiender General
Morne – Untold Wait LP Force
Chapel – Demo 08 CS Satan’s Rock N Roll

Lip Cream – Kill The IBM LP Night Rider More Than fight
Poison Idea – Blank Black Out Vacant LP Punish Me
Mania – Radiation Acid Clash CS Black Out
Eskorbuto – Maldito Pais 7″ Maldito Pais
No Hope For The Kids – Public Safety LP Treblinka

Discharge – Why 12″ Visions Of War/Does The System Work