Generation Annihilation Playlist August 12th 2017.

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Peter And The Test Tube Babies – Banned From The Pubs 7″ Banned From The Pubs (No Future)
UK Subs – Warhead 7″ Warhead (Gem)

Antidote – Go Pogo LP State Money (Charged)
Obscene Being – Rot And Decay CD Litterbug
The Virus – System Failure LP What Do You Want? (Voltage)
Riot 99 – Destroy The City 7″ Start A Riot
Action – S/T LP Rise (Punkcore)

Alien Boys – Self Critical Theory CD Anthem
Limp Wrist – Facades LP They Tell Me (La Vida Es Un Mun)
Sterile Mind – Lift The Mask LP Sterile Mind (Sabotage)
Negativ – Automatic Thoughts 7″ N.A.T. (Discos MMM)

Napalm Raid – Wheel Of War LP Wheels Of War
Concrete Sox – Silence 7″ Silence (Blind Destruction)
The Varukers – Damned And Defiant
Impalers – Cellar Dweller LP Cellar Dweller/Future Officer (540 Records)

Hot Freaks – Demo 2017 CS Nightstick
Genetic Control – First Impressions CD Love Rat (Lost And Found)
School Jerks – S/T LP Why Ask Why (Grave Mistake)
Career Suicide – Machine Response 12″ Distractions (Deranged)

Languid – Resist Mental Slaughter 12″ Silence