Generation Annihilation Playlist August 16th 2014.

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Leyton Buzzards – The Punk Collection CD Youthanasia (Captain Oi!)
London – No Time 12″ No Time (MCA)

US Bombs – We Are The Problem CD We Are The Problem (Sailor’s Grave)
Bombshell Rocks – Street Art Gallery CD Where We Gather (Sidekicks)
Beltones – On Deaf Ears CD Juvenile Delinquent (TKO)
Bishops Green – Pressure CD Silence (Pirates Press)

Primitive Pact – Injustice 7″ Injustice (Total Fucker)
Subverse – Aural Regurgitations CD A Poisoned Mind (Boss Tuneage)
Unnatural Silence – Hiroshima
The Actives – Wait And See 12″ Wait And See (Quiet!)

Green Beret – Violence Is Their Currency 12″ Violence Is Their Currency (Side Two)
Vacant State – Chains 7″ Hiding Out (Hardware)
Government Flu – Tension 12″ Burn The Bridge (Refuse)
Damaged Head – Disorder Now (Twerp!)

Savageheads – S/T 7″ Trained Killer (Twerp)
Valley Boys – Drone Strike 7″ Killing Time (Ugly Pop)
SNØB – S/T Snob Hates The Police (Mata La Musica Discos)
Sperm – S/T CS Ounce (Demo)

English Dogs – The Thing With Two Heads LP Turn Away From The Light (Candlelight)
English Dogs – Mad Punx & English Dogs 12″ R.I.P. (Clay)