Generation Annihilation Playlist August 17th 2013.

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Conflict – Rebellion Sucks! CD Climbing The Stairs (Motarhate)
A Heads – Ash To The Soil LP Forgotten Hero

Instinct Of Survival – Lifeless Bodies LP (World Funeral)
Doom – Rush Hour Of The Gods LP Thantophobia (Flat Earth)
Hellkrusher -Doomsday Hour LP Ethnic Cleansing (Skuld)
Wartorn – S/T LP Permanent Blackout (Southern Lord)

Criminal Damage – Call Of Death LP Hopeless (Feral Ward)
Bishops Green – S/T 12″ Stay Away (Rebellion)
Evacuate – Words
Proxy – Something We’ve All Seen Before LP Pox (Imminent Destruction)
The Restarts – Risky Business (A Sickness Of The Mind)

Adjustment To Society -Welcome TO 2013 LP Hipster (Not Normal)
Negative Degree – Welcome To 2013 LP FOF (Not Normal)
Emenkaya – Sammenhold LP (Vulgar Deformity)
Bored Straight – Welcome To 2013 LP (Not Normal)

Long Knife – Wilderness LP Welcome To Krell (Feral Ward)
Rabid Loss – S/T 12″ Death Persuades