Generation Annihilation Playlist August 1st 2015

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Random Killing – Welcome CD Patios and Beer (Raw Energy)

7 Year Bitch – There’s A Dyke In The Pit 7″ Dead Men Don’t Rape (Outpunk)
The Gr’ups – S/T 7″ RR Hood (Immature)
MDC – Hey Cop If I Had A Face Like Yours LP The Crime Of Rape (RRadical)
The Accused – More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral LP Rape (Combat)
Crisis Of Faith – The American Dream A Global Nightmare 7″ Incest (Ragamuffin Soldier)
Subvert – The Madness Must End 7″ Psychopath (Hippy Core)

MDC -Live At CBGBs LP Born to Die (Beer City)
Toxic Reasons – Live At Berkley Square LP Rally Around The Flag Boys (Beer City)
Really Red – Old Puppets For New Strings LP Entertainment (Alternative Tentacles)
Stimulators – Loud Fast Rules! LP Crazy House Rocks (Roir)
Fear – Live For The Record CD Null Detector (Restless)

Bad Sam – Working Class Holocaust LP Snake With Tits
Vacant Life – Suppression Cell CS (Forbidden Seabass)
Pressing On – 2015 Demo CD Blocked By A Wall
Civic Duty – S/T CS Burn Out
Vacant State – S/T CS This Disease (Hardware)

Proxy – Slow Suicide 7″ Lawless (Ugly Pop)