Generation Annihilation Playlist August 4th 2012.

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DOA – We Come In Peace CD War Hero (Sudden Death)
Toxic Reasons – Independence LP War Hero (Beer City)

Government Issue – Complete History Vol 2 CD Man In A Trap (Dr. Strange)
Naked Raygun – Understand LP Treason (Carolone)
Pegboy – Cha Cha Demore LP Dangerence (Qaurterstick)
Songs About Snake – Charcoal Heather CD Mothball Fleet (Demo)
Sparkmarker – Products And Accessories CD Sleeping With The TV On (Final Notice)

Lecherous Gaze – S/T CD Born On A River (Demo)
Sharp Objects – S/T LP Another Victim (Modern Method)
B Sides – S/T 12″ Number One Fun (MRR)
Canyanero – We’re Canyanero CD Don’t Care About That (Demo)

The Meatmen – Crippled Children Suck 12″ Orgy Of One (Touch And Go)
The Meatmen – We’re The Meatmen And You Suck! LP Tooling For Anus (Touch And Go)
The Meatmen – Rock N Roll Juggernaut LP Rock N Roll Juggernaut (Caroline)
The Meatmen – War Of The Super Bikes LP Abba God And Me (Postive)

Arctic Flowers – Reveries 12″ Fall To Pieces (Inimical)
Deathcharge – Love Was Born To An Early Death 12″ (Unseen Forces)
No Problem – And Now This LP What Have I become? (P. Trash)