Generation Annihilation Playlist December 10th 2011.

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MDC – Millions Of Dead Cops LP, I Hate Work (RRadical)

Kieltolaki – Kuoleva Systeemi 7”, Valta, Menestys Ka Kunnia (Feral Ward)
Viimeneinen Kolonna – Luonnoton Poistuma 7”, Luonnoton Poistuma (Gasmask Records)
Bastards – S/T 7”, Sotaa (Hohnie)
Kakka Hata 77 – Eitaa Lama Paahan Kay 7”, Me Ollaan KK 77 (Combat Rock Industries)
Mania – S/T CS, Air Raid/Radiation Nights (Demo)

The Sexual – Split w/Anti-Septic LP, War Cry (Bootleg)
Gastunk, Dead Song Flexi 7”, Dead Song (Dogma)
Sick Charade – S/T CS, victims (Demo)
Anti-Septic – Split w/ The Sexual LP, Visions Of Power (Bootleg)

The Mob – Let The Tribe Increase LP, Another Day Another Death (Broken Rekids)
Antisect – Out From The Void 7”, Out From The Void (Endangered Music)
Heratys – S/T LP, Verenpunainen Huominen (Not Enough)
The Varukers – Blood Suckers LP, No Masters No Slaves (Get Back)

Tear It Up – Nothing To Nothing LP, Its The End (Dead Alive)
Forward – Burn Down The Corrupted Justice LP, Choice (HG Fact)
Meanwhile – The Show Must Go On 7”, Minutes Of Oppression (Feral Ward)

Slayer – Live Undead CD, Die By The Sword (Metal Blade)