Generation Annihilation Playlist December 14th 2013

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Heratys – Helvettiin Ja Takaisin 7″ Ei Diagnoosia

Kaaos – Totaalinen Kaaos 7″ Mallakka
Absolut – S/T CS No Single Tear
No Problem – S/T 7″ Living In The Void
Perdition – Harcore Survives 7″ Martial Law
Absurdist – S/T CS In Silence
Green beret – The Cult Of State 7″ After The Arms Race

Snakerun – S/T LP I’m Positive You Suck
Vacant State – Fill The Void LP Nothing New
Pmma – S/T 7″ Overdose
Disarm – Regerings Stodda Moro 7″ Deras Krig
Jesus And The Gospel Fuckers – Couldn’t Care Less LP Factory
Terveet Kadet – Aareton Joulu 7″ Tuottaja
Napalm Raid – Mindless Nation 12″ Endless Walls
Dispense – Nothing But Truth 7″ Killing Of The Innocent

Direct Control – You’re Controlled LP Direct Control
Asile – Kichesippi Toxique LP Rouge
Sex Dwarf – Full Av Aka 7″ Angestattack
The Clay – The Middle East Combat Area 7″ The Demilitarized Neutrality
Infernoh – Split w/Effluxus 7″ Ta Min Plats

School Jerks – S/T LP Outcast
The Subhumans – Incorrect Thoughts LP Firing Squad
Sickoids – No Home LP Funeral

Sensuuri – Hulinaa LP Termutti