Generation Annihilation Playlist December 20th 2014.

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Reagan Youth – Live & Rare CD Degenerated (New Red Archives)

Crown Court – Trouble From London CS Hammer A Nail
Duffys Cut – S/T 7″ L.O.SE (Oi! The Boat)
Victory – Laced Up 7″ The Difference (Oi! The Boat)
Bishops Green – Pressure 12″ Gross And Net (Longshot)
Join The Rejects – Your Place 7″ Vejes Glorias (Vinyl 4 Bootboys)

Reckless Aggression – S/T Senseless Behavior
Vacant State – Chains 7″ Hiding Out (Hardware)
86 Mentality – Lifetrap 7″ Lifetrap (Grave Mistake)
SNØB – Exploit Me 7″ Exploit Me (Hardware)
Svart Framtid – 1984 7″ Drikke Meg Full (Voltage)

Paradox – Strangulation 7″ The Constant Grip (Imminent Destruction)
Hellkrusher – S/T LP On And On (Anti-Society)
Sacrilege – It’s Time To Face The Reaper LP Blind Acceptance (Havoc)
Visions Of War – King Of Swines LP Black Bile (Not Enough)

X-Tract – Punks Dead…Nah Mate? LP Aftermath (Pax)
The Exploited – Horror Epics LP I Hate You (Combat)
UK Subs – Sub-Mission CD Emotional Blackmail (Fallout)
Billyclub – No Justice CD Smash It Up (Cult Jam)

Artificial Dissemination – S/T 7″ Hated (Seminal)