Generation Annihilation Playlist December 21st 2015.

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Citizen Fish – Millennia Madness LP Refugees (Bluurg)
UK Subs – Universal CD Don’t Blame Islam (Captain Oi!)

Forgotten Rebels – In Love With The System LP Bomb The Boats Feed The Fish (Star)
Antidote – Thou Shall Not Kill 12″ Foreign Job Lot (Antidote)
SOD – Speak English Or Die LP Fuck The Middle East (Megaforce)
Fear – More Beer LP Bomb The Russians (Restless)

Poison Idea – Religion And Politics CD Religion And Politics (Tim Kerr)
Beyond Possession – Tell Tale Heart 7″ No Religion (Fango)
Scum – Born To Soon LP No Hope Religion (Psyche)
Capital Punishment – Bulwarks Against Oppression LP Fire And Brimstone (We Bite)

Fearless Iranians – Die For Allah LP Die For Allah (Boner)
Tongue Avulsion – Not So Quiet LP Libyan Hit Squad (Alternative Tentacles)
Cats Game – Its A Holocaust Now CD BBQd Pope
Dr. Know – The Best Of LP God Told Me To (Mystic)
Circle Jerks – Wonderful LP Killing For Jesus (Combat)
MDC – Millions Of Damn Christians LP This Blood’s For You (RRadical)

Subhumans – Religious Wars 7″ Religious Wars (Bluurg)
Doom – Fuck Peaceville No Religion (Profane Existence)
The Varukers – Another Religion War 12″ Another Religion (Havoc)
Discharge – Fight Back 7″ Religion Instigates (Clay)

Dayglo Abortions – Feed Us A Fetus LP Religious Bumfucks (Fringe)
Dead Kennedys – In God We Trust 12″ Religious Vomit/Moral Majority (Alternative Tentacles)
The Exploited – The Massacre CD Fuck Religion (Captain Oi!)
Motorhead – Iron Fist LP I Don’t Need Religion (Bronze)

The Accused -Martha Splatterheads Maddest Story LP I’d Love To Change The World (Combat)
Dr. Know – Killing For God LP Father Son And Holy Shit (Unrest)