Generation Annihilation Playlist December 5th 2015.

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Angry Snowmans -S/T CD Ebeneneezer Uber Allles (Absolute)

Night Birds -Mutiny At Muscle Beach LP I’m Wired (Fat)
Tubuloids – An International Skaterock Comp LP Back To Society (Beer City)
Smogtown – Domestic Violence Land CD Sneaking Out (Disaster)
Bronxxx – An International Skaterock Split LP BMC (Beer City)

The Underdogs –The Punk Demos Collection LP Never Gonna Give Up (Common People)
Court Martial – Demos And Rarities LP Young Offender (Vomitopunkrock)
Court Martial -Demos And Rarities LP No Solution (Vomitopunkrock)
Defects – 1979-1984 LP Casualty (Anti-Society)
Betrayed – Skins And Punks LP Revenge (Step 1)

Pagans – Everybody Hates You CD Dead End America (Crypt)
Dead Boys – 3rd Generation Nation LP Catholic Boy (Bad Boy)
The Pack – S/T LP We Better Get Ready (Ugly Pop)
Bureaucrats -S/T 7″ Grown Up Age (Ugly Pop)
Platinum Blonde – Hey Hey You 7″ Hey Hey You

Burning Leather – Portland CD Wake Up Screaming
Cooters – Punk Metal CD Wheels In Motion (Profane Existence)
Inepsy – Madness And Overkill 12″ The Dealer (Feral Ward)