Generation Annihilation Playlist December 7th 2013.

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Amebix – No Sanctuary LP Winter

Long Knife – Wilderness LP Narco
Warcry – Harvest Of Death 7″ Forever Winter
Blazing Eye – S/T CS Devils Tears
infernoh – gamdregel (war tjard 12″)
Dishonorable Discharge – Nightmare Visions 12″ Women And Children

Lent Order – S/T CS Indifferene
Harper SS – S/T 7″ trapped
Instinct Of Survival – Lapsed Into Absurdity 7″ What Will You Do?
Abject Pax – S/T CS Weakness/Abject Pax

Hot Nasties – Invasion Of The Tribbles 7″ The Invasion Of The Tribbles
Rhythm Of Cruelty – In Time… 7″ The Past
pointed sticks – What Do You Want Me To Do? 7″ What Do You Want Me To Do?
Spectres – Nothing To Nowhere LP Passages
Complications – S/T LP In Vain

Major – Paa Kii – Tuhoava Voima LP Glista
Elekricni Orgazam – Zlatni Papagaj
Nuclear Spring – S/T LP Crisis