Generation Annihilation Playlist Decmeber 31st 2011.

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Crisis Of Conformity – Fist Fight! 7”, Fist Fight In The Parking Lot (Drag City)

Vacant State – Fill The Void 12”, I Don’t Care (Deranged)
B-Lines – S/T 12”, Sunglasses (Nominal)
Unfun – Sick Outside View LP, Resistance (Fast Crowd)
The Jolts – 8% LP, The Dabbler (Sudden Death)
The Authorities – Kung Pao AU Go Go CD, Bone Your Own (Get Hip)

Infect Propaganda – And Now You Die CD, Strike With Sudden Fear (Crasty Ass)
Unlearn – S/T LP , Automatic Unthinker (Deranged)
Legion DCLXV1 – The Final Days 12”, Delusions (Schizophrenic)
Countdown To Oblivion – Eater Of Worlds LP, Like Animals (Aborted Society)
Disable, Split W/Warvictims 7”, Kamikaze (Charged//Distorted)

No Problem – And Now This 12”, Isn’t This Fun (Deranged)
Madmen – S/T 7”, The Myth (Slasher)
Career Suicide – Cherry Beach 7”, Double Life (Cherry Beach)
Off! – S/T 7”, Rotten Apples (Southern Lord)

Role Models – Suck At Life CD, Frustration (Absolute Underground)
The Mutated Earthlings – S/T CD, Bowling Drunk (Absolute Underground)
Rehashed – Code Black CD, If Its Not Broken (Self Released)
Crystal Mess – Worms Of The Earth LP, Ten Times (Daylight Slayings)
Overpower – Hogtown Skinheads CD, Good Fight (Self Released)

Napalm Raid – Trail Of The World 7”, To Serve And Arrest (Rust And Machine)