Generation Annihilation Playlist February 10th 2018.

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The Music Machine – Talk Talk 7″ Talk Talk (Original Sound)

Neighborhood Brats – Night Shift 7″ Night Shift (Taken By Surprise)
Bikini Cops – Three 7″ Not My World (Drunken Sailor)
Chain Whip – Self Destruct
The Authorities – Puppy Love LP Slap The Ham (Buckwheat Headlock)
No Klässe – Punk Time

Man Destroys – 6 Song Demo CS Pigs Are Pigs
Final Conflict “Ashes To Ashes” – Abolish Police
The Varukers – Damned And Defiant LP Thanks For Nothing
Anti-Sect – Hallo There Hows Life? LP Tortured And Abused (Graven Age)

Arms Race – The Beast 7″ Zealot (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Chrome Skulls – 6 Hits From Hell CS You Are The Fool
M.A.D – 1982 Demo cs No Loudness No Sympathy
Steelhead – Enemy In Blue CD Fade
Career Suicide – Machine Response 12″ Point Of No Return (Deranged)

Inepsy – The Lost Tracks CS Got No Right (Runstate)
Born Dead Icons – Salvation On The Knees 12″ Window Of Comfort (Partners In Crime)
Faze – Songs By Faze CS Aversion Therapy (Runstate)
KHIIS – Demo CS Zan (Runstate)

Ministry – AmeriKKKant LP Wargasm (Nuclear Blast)