Generation Annihilation Playlist February 14th 2015.

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Sub Hum Ans – Religious Wars 7″ Love Is… (Bluurg)
Suicidal Tendencies – S/T LP I Won’t Fall In Love Today (Frontier)

Cro Mags – Age Of Quarrel LP Age Of Quarrel (Profile)
SOD – Speak English Or Die LP Freddy Kreuger (Megaforce)
Bad Brains – I Against I LP House Of Suffering (SST)
Crumbsuckers – Life Of Dreams Live To Work (Combat Core)
Agnostic Front – Cause For Alarm LP The Eliminator (Combat Core)

Eliminator – 2015 Demo, Hitting The Bottom
Power – Bremerton Zoo LP Bremerton Zoo (Twelve Gauge)
The Acquitted – 2014 Demo, Dues Paid
Vacant State – Chains 7″ Not The Same (Hardware)

Bishops Green – Pressure 12″ Vacant State (Rebellion)
Harrington Saints – Upright Citizen 7″ Upright Citizen (Pirates Press)
Suede Razors – Bootboy Anthems 7″ Rebels And Pearls (Pirates Press)
The Generators – Life Takes Life Gives LP Life Takes Life Gives (Randale)

Warcry – Savage Machinery 12″ Force Feed
Long Knife – Possession 7″ Wilderness
Chimpilastica – Demo 2015, Hello Shitty

Voivod – Rrroooaaarrr LP Slaughter In A Grave (Banzai)